The Alamo

The battle at the Alamo played a great role in the Revolution of Texas against Mexico. In 1836 the east of the country gained its independence from England while Texas was still owned by Mexico. The Alamo was originally a Spanish Mission home to missionaries and their Indian converts for about seventy years. Though some of the facts concerning the battle are still analyzed and argued about, there is no doubt that it has become a symbolic moment in history where men made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of their country.

The entire siege of the Alamo lasted for thirteen days from February, 23 to March, 6 of the year 1836. The battle deserves peculiar attention, as a considerable number of outstanding personalities participated in it. Among the combatants were Tennessee congressman David Crockett, entrepreneur James Bowie and Mexican president Antonio Lypez de Santa Anna.

On February, 8, in 1836 Crockett arrives at the Alamo with twelve Tennessee volunteers and on February, 24 the full command is assumed by Travis who writes his letter addressed to the people of Texas and all Americans in the world. He promises, he never surrenders and swears “Victory or Death”.

On March, 1, thirty-two troops made their way through the enemy cordon and into the Alamo. Travis needs more reinforcements and reports that Texans remain deaf to his appeals. Despite the provisions run out, Santa Anna insists on storming the Alamo and on March, 5 Travis draws a line in the sand and gives everyone a choice to cross it and to join him in the death fight to defend the Alamo. All except one cross it. As the defenders withdraw to the rooms of the Long Barracks, there occurs a bloody hand to hand fighting. Mexican soldiers slaughter Bowie with their bayonets and in a matter of hours, all the Americans are killed and the Mexicans claim the victory. At present 189 defenders appear on the list, though it requires further research.

Throughout the thirteen-day siege, Travis and his troops never stopped calling on the government for the promised support and willingly placed themselves in harm’s way to protect their country.

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