the impact of humans on nature essay

Today, the impact of humans on nature is larger than it has ever been before and the interference of man into natural process often leads to disastrous effects. In actuality, human activities become a serious threat to the environment because people tend to destroy nature and replace it with artificial environment created by humans, At the same time, the progress of mankind is unstoppable and people keep introducing new technologies, using natural resources, exploiting natural environment for their own benefits, which are the major cause of the conflict between human in nature. To put it more precisely, the strife of humans for the improvement of the quality of their life, for the creation more comfortable conditions of living lead to the ignorance of environmental problems. As a result, people readily pollute the environment and simply destroy nature to get some material benefits. However, in this regard, it is understand the major problem people are currently facing.

On analyzing the current situation, it should be said that the pollution of the environment has reached an unprecedented level. The impact of humans on nature has never been so enormous and so destructing as it is at the moment. In actuality, people are the dominant species in the world and no other animal can compete with them.

Nevertheless, it does not prevent humans from the extinction of other living species, even though they do not need to struggle for the survival because the position of humans in the world is unchallenged. It seems as if people do not understand that the major, if not only threat to the survival of human race is human race itself (Merchant, 285).

In this respect, it should be said that nature implies the diversity of wildlife and interaction between all living species in the world in accordance with natural but not man-made laws (Finch & Elder, 221). However, what people actually attempt to do is to destroy their natural environment. For instance, western civilization is particularly destructive for the natural environment because the pollution of environment inevitably leads to the extinction of living species.

Moreover, human activities change the traditional environment in which people grew up and which they used to perceive as their home (Udall, 226). The growing consumerism will lead to the further extinction of living species and degradation of nature (Schlosser, 186).

However, humans will be unable to survive in such an environment because all living species are closely intertwined and the extinction of some animals will inevitably provoke a chain reaction leading to the elimination of other species. In such a situation, people cannot count for their uniqueness because they are just one of the species, probably the most destructive one, inhabiting the planet (Robinson, 129). Hence, if they eliminate biodiversity they will be doomed to extinction themselves.

Thus, the negative impact of people on the environment can have disastrous effect on nature and it can lead to the elimination of various species and biodiversity on the Earth that will put under a threat the survival of humans.

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