The Right to Abortion

Nowadays the issue regarding abortion is one of the most passionately debated issues in the United States. Some people argue against abortion while others consider that this is a normal act. What is the answer? Do we really have the right to abortion? Of course, some people think that abortion is an easy way to get rid of their numerous problems but that is not the case.

My goal in this persuasive essay is to prove the fact that not a single healthy young woman has the right to abortion in this world.

According to the statistical data, abortion attitudes vary by race, age and gender. The Blacks are less supporting the right abortion than the Whites. (Hall, Ferree, 1986)

Many other researches found gender to be a so called predictor of abortion attitudes. Thus, most of the men argue for abortion, especially single men. It is also known that the Black men are less supporting abortion than the White men. (Hurtell, Russel, 1999)

In many cases women who decided to undergo abortion are very young. Of course, much depends on the relation of government to the right to abortion.

It is known that in the United States abortion is legal and there is no any punishment for those young ladies who are healthy enough and who simply do not want to give birth to their child. However, if the pregnant woman has some health complication which may cause the danger of death this woman should have the right to abortion. The therapeutic abortion is performed in order to preserve the health of the pregnant woman. It is clear that this type of abortion is the only way out and here the woman has the right to abortion. Nevertheless, there are such cases when the young couples merely do not want to take care of their baby. It is wrong. When they decide to have pregnancy terminated it means they are going to kill their unborn baby. It means that they have no heart. Religion plays an important role in this serious issue. Those people who are religious believers and who live according to the Bible will never have the abortion. It is forbidden to kill a human being according to the Bible even if it is an embryo. (Legge, 1985)

I think that abortion should be illegal not only in the United States but all over the world. Nobody has the right to decide an other person’s life. We are human beings and we are equal. Only the Creator has the right to give birth to a human being. We cannot prevent it. Of course, I do not mean the case when the abortion threatens the pregnant woman’ health.


In conclusion, I should say that all the men and women in this world should take more responsibility to avoid undesirable pregnancy. We cannot sin. Abortion is a sin and all the sins are punishable. It is better to think about it now than to have troubles in the future. All in all, babies are so wonderful creatures that they will be able to change the young parents’ life to a better one. Our duty is to explain these vital things to the young generation.

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