The unique features of selecting and managing strategic alliance partners in Thailand

Taking into consideration the current socio-economic and political situation in Thailand, the company should consider the possibility of the formation of a strategic alliance with local partners. Strategic alliance partners of the company in Thailand should meet basic requirements of the company, including reliability, ethical business development, a considerable share in the local market, well-developed network within Thailand and, if possible, other South-East Asian countries, high quality standards. All these requirements are crucial because the company cannot put at stake its reputation and image of its brand. The reliability of the strategic alliance partner is essential because the company will rely heavily on its partner and its ability to conduct business responsibly and effectively. In this regard, the strategic alliance partner of the company should respect business ethics. Otherwise, the mutual trust and confidence between the company and its strategic alliance partners will be impossible.

In addition, the strategic alliance partner of the company should hold a leading position in the market or, at least, it should have a large share of the local chocolate market. Otherwise, the company will have to spend considerable financial resources on the enhancement of its position in the local market, which makes the strategic alliance partnership unreasonable. In contrast, the strategic alliance partnership with a strong company can help the Swiss company to gain a large share of the local market, obtain an extensive network and relationships through its business partner.

National sovereignty in Thailand and international market expansion and leadership approach
At the same time, while entering the Thai market, the company should take into consideration the national sovereignty of Thailand. The strategy of the international market expansion and holding the leading position in the international market requires the respect to national interests of each country, where the company operates. Obviously, the company pursues its interests, regardless of national interests of countries, where it operates. However, such policy will be destructive in Thailand, where the authorities can influence the business development. The disrespect to national interests from the part of the company may provoke the dissatisfaction of the local population and, therefore, the authorities in Thailand.

In such a situation, the company should adapt its organizational culture to local specificities. The adaptation to local specificities implies that the company should conduct business in accordance to cultural traditions and business norms and traditions of Thailand. In other words, the company should conduct its business how other, local companies conduct the business in Thailand. The company should develop approaches, which are effective to cultural traditions of Thailand.

In addition, the company should take an active part in the life of the local community, including sponsoring socially significant events. In fact, the participation of the company in the life of the local community will contribute to the development of positive public image of the company. The company will gain the public approval and attract customers to its products and services. In such a way, the company can enter and penetrate the local market successfully. The social responsibility of the company and its involvement in the life of the local community helps the company to enhance its position in the local market.

The company should monitor the policies of the local authorities and respect local legal and ethical norms and rules. In such a way, the company can meet local requirements concerning business development. The company will meet legal norms of Thailand that is essential for the effective business development. The company should also respect ethical norms and traditions of Thailand. In such a way, the company will adapt to the cultural and legal environment of Thailand, which is essential for the successful marketing and business development. Therefore, the company will expand its market and, simultaneously, the company will respect the sovereignty of Thailand.

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