Vitek Cola Essay

Nowadays, the introduction of a new product often faces a number of obstacles from the high competition to the lack of customers’ interest to this product. This is why, while creating a product, it is necessary to take into consideration a variety of factors that influence its perspectives in the market. In terms of this paper, the new product, Vitek Cola, will be discussed and the advertising campaign aiming at the promotion of this product will be analyzed.

In order to successfully introduce Vitek Cola in the market, it is primarily necessary to carefully analyze the product, its properties and potential. This will apparently help better understand its advantages and reveal possible drawbacks. Unquestionably, these findings will be extremely useful when the advertising campaign of this product is developed because it will be really important to underline the positive qualities and characteristics of the product, explain them and deliver to the mass audience, while its drawbacks should be minimized or possibly eliminated.

Anyway, the introduction of such a new product as Vitek Cola should be very careful and thoroughly prepared for the competition in this segment of the market may be potentially high, though the innovative nature of the product should be of great use in this respect. Thus, the profound knowledge of the product, its qualities, market and the development of an effective advertising campaign are the basic conditions of the successful introduction of the new product, Vitek Cola in the market.

Product description

Vitek Cola is an innovative product that is supposed to occupy its own niche of the market. In actuality, Vitek Cola is the cola soft drink that contains a large amount of Vitekmins and minerals. It should be pointed out that this product should be position in the market as a product that is extremely useful for the health of customers. It is important to underline that, at the present moment, cola is traditionally associated with fast food, or at any rate, it is traditionally considered to be an unhealthy product and Vitek Cola is supposed to debunk this myth, or actually shatter the stereotypes concerning the negative effects of cola on human health creating an absolutely new product that, in contrast to widely spread brands of cola, would be characterized as a healthy product.

Speaking about the ingredients of the product, it should be said that it should obligatory include the most essential Vitekmins and minerals that, in all probability, will need the addition of natural juices in the product or creation of the product on the basis of juices.

By the way, the use of different juices may contribute to the enlargement of the assortment of Vitek Cola. In other words, using different juices it will be possible to create different kinds of Vitek Cola. For instance, it will be possible to create Vitek Cola Apple, on the basis of apple juice, or Vitek Cola Orange, based on orange juice, or Vitek Cola Tropic, based on a mixture of citrus juices, or Vitek Cola MultiVitekmin, based on a combination of a variety of juices.

On creating the new product such as Vitek Cola, it is extremely important to remember about the profound effect of packaging on the customers’ preferences and interest to the product. In actuality, it is unnecessary to invent a totally new form of packaging. Instead, it seems to be quite effective to use the packaging that has already been accepted by the mass customers. In this respect, the use of standard bottles that are used by other brands producing and selling cola soft drinks may be quite effective.

Naturally, it does not necessarily mean the copying of the shape of a bottle of some of the famous brands blindly.

What is meant here is the use of the standard size of the bottle, such as 0.33 l, 0.5 l, 1 l, if necessary even more.

Nonetheless, the shape of the bottle should be still quite comfortable for customers so that it would be easy to open and comfortable to bear.

At the same time, it is extremely important to underline the uniqueness of the product and the package may be used quite effectively. At any rate, the packaging should be really different somehow from other soft cola drink, otherwise, the product will be perceived as just another cola that is not any better than any other, or even worse. In this respect, it is possible to recommend using the standards bottles but apply some kind of printing on the glass so that each kind of Vitek Cola would have its unique print. For instance, for Vitek Cola Apple, it is possible to suggest printing apple on the glass, for Vitek Cola Orange, instead of apple it is possible to use orange, etc.

Speaking about the colors that should be used on the packaging, it should be said that as Vitek Cola basically consists of the natural elements, this fact should be emphasized by the colors used. Practically, it means that traditionally, nature is associated with green color of plants that grow in the wild nature. At the same time, as the product is cold Vitek Cola, where Vitek stands for ”˜life’, it would be practically impossible to fail to use this element. This is why in order to strengthen the association with life it is necessary to use blue color on the package of the product.

However, green and blue colors are quite good to be used as the background, while the main image and color should correspond to the kind of Vitek Cola offered to customers. In other words, it is necessary to place an apple that may of red color, for instance, on the bottle of Vitek Cola Apple, or an orange on the bottle of Vitek Cola Orange, or several citrus fruits in respective colors on the bottle of Vitek Cola Tropic, etc. In such a way, the colors and images will vary but the background colors, i.e. green and blue will remain unchangeable and they will serve to increase the ”˜recognizability’ of the product by customers.

Taking into consideration the contents of the product, it is obvious that Vitek Cola will basically target at customers that take care of their health and are extremely concerned about what they eat and drink. It is not a secret that females are more concerned about these aspects of food products, including drinks. This is why females should be of a primary concern as the target consumers of this product, though it does not necessarily mean that males should be totally excluded from the list of potential consumers of Vitek Cola. In general, the product should be deprived of any gender orientation but it is simply important to remember that females would probably react faster and they would accept Vitek Cola more readily than males.

At the same time, it is also possible to target at children as major consumers of the product. By means of advertising, it will be extremely important to underline that Vitek Cola is really a healthy and useful drink that helps human organism develop and supplies it with all essential Vitekmins and minerals.

Another important problem that should be discussed before the implementation of the product is the problem of its distribution. Obviously, it will be extremely costly to create a network of stores to distribute Vitek Cola. Instead, it would be more logical and more profitably to use the existing networks that are respected and recognized by customers. in this respect, it should be said that Whole Foods Market may be quite a suitable network that can be used for the distribution of Vitek Cola because Whole Foods Market is specialized on sales of products that may be labeled as natural and healthy. In other words, this network fully corresponds to the general image of Vitek Cola as a healthy drink that contains essential minerals and Vitekmins useful for human health. Moreover, Whole Foods Market is a network that is spread worldwide that open really great perspectives to the further progress of Vitek Cola in the international market.

In such a situation, the pricing of the product gets to be particularly important because it will be obviously useless to establish exorbitant prices that will unquestionably lead to the failure of the new product. This is why it is possible to recommend focusing on the costs of the creation of the product and the prices of the competitors.

In this respect, it is worthy of mention that the costs of the manufacturing of Vitek Cola would probably be higher than the costs of the manufacturing of other kinds of cola that do not use Vitekmins and minerals. However, it is worthy of mention that, as the leading competitors are famous brands, such as Coca Cola, than it is quite natural that often the price of these products is a bit higher than it could be because of the popularity of the brand and customers’ readiness to pay for the brand but not for the product.

In such a situation, it seems to be possible to establish prices on the same level of the main competitors, such as one mentioned above. In such a situation, the product, Vitek Cola, being deprived of the advantage in the price can win the customers’ acclaim due to its positive impact on human health.



Advertising campaign

Taking into consideration the nature of the product, notably the fact that Vitek Cola contains natural elements, Vitekmins and minerals, it is positioned in the market as a healthy drink that could be used by all categories of people without exception. In such a way, health, availability, and usefulness of the product should be the cornerstone of the advertising campaign of Vitek Cola.

In fact, nowadays, it is obvious that a successful advertising campaign is not less, or even more, important than the creation of the product itself. In this respect, it should be said that the advertising campaign should be primarily focused on the creation of the positive image of the product and its promotion so that the wide public could easily recognize it. In actuality, since the major theme of the advertising campaign should be focused on the positive impact of Vitek Cola and its availability this should be clearly emphasized in the advertising. The implementation of some effective slogans may be quite effective. For instance, it is possible recommend the following slogans such as ”˜Vitek is life, Vitek Cola is live cola’, ”˜drink, enjoy and live with your live Cola’, etc.

On analyzing the possible versions of the development of advertising campaign, it will be quite effective tool to attract some celebrity to promote Vitek Cola and create strong associations among customers between the product and the celebrity. It should be pointed out that, in accordance with the basic theme of the advertising campaign, i.e. positive impact of the product on consumers’ health, it would be quite useful to invite a popular sportsperson to advertise Vitek Cola. Obviously, this will contribute to the growing popularity of the product since sport is traditionally perceived as a synonym of health. In such a way, the use of a famous sportsperson will stimulate customers’ associations of Vitek Cola with the name of this sportsperson. However, it is worthy of mention that it is very important that the sportsperson should be really recognizable and have a positive public image. In actuality, it is necessary to take into consideration that Whole Foods Market, the major network through which Vitek Cola may be distributed, is the international network represented in different countries of the world. Consequently, it is quite logical to presuppose that the product will also be distributed in all stores of the network. This is why it is extremely important that the product was equally recognizable in different parts of the world that means that, using some famous sportsperson, it is important that he/she was popular, or at least recognizable, worldwide. Otherwise, the advertising based on the inVitektion of a sportsperson known only in one country will be ineffective in other regions where Vitek Cola would be sold.

Naturally, the use of a sport celebrity may be accompanied with certain risks. For instance, the sportsperson may loose some important competitions that may lead to the deterioration of the image of the product since the losses of the sportsmen would be also associated with Vitek Cola as the product is associated with the name of the sport celebrity. Or else he/she may deteriorate his public image by some scandals, such as the use of dopes that can threaten the entire advertising campaign since it will undermine its basic principles healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, the promotion of the product does not mean the advertising campaign solely. In fact, it is also important to pay a particular attention to sales promotion. In this respect, it should be said that the stable growth of sales is of a paramount importance. Basically, high rates of sales are even more important than short-term profits which can be sacrificed for the sake of the growing sales. In order to promote sales, it is possible to recommend organization of some campaigns or some discount system for loyal customers. Also it is possible to suggest the implementation of some seasonal discounts. For instance, in winter, the rate of Vitek Cola’s sales will ineVitekbly drop since the customers’ demand will be extremely low compared to summer, at least in the regions when winter is traditionally cold. This is a norm for all soft cola drinks and it is hardly possible to expect that Vitek Cola will be an exception. This is why it is possible to reduce the price of Vitek Cola for some period of time in winter.

Not less important are public relations in the promotion of the product. In fact customers should feel that Vitek Cola is destined to them and that this is the only right choice customers can make. This is why it is possible to recommend creation of the positive public image of the product not only with the help of some discounts or exploiting the image of an invited sport celebrity, but also by means of emphasizing the positive impact of the product on the health of customers. In such a situation, personal selling may be quite helpful as customers will realize that the company really cares about them and their health.

In fact, personal selling is particularly important in the situation when it is necessary to create a positive image of the brand and this is the case of Vitek Cola. Obviously, customers need to feel that Vitek Cola is a product that is produced and sold to them not as a product that brings income to sellers but as a product that is useful for the health of customers. Actually, without personal sales, this effect can hardly be achieved. This is why personal selling should be a constituent element of the general strategy of the company in the promotion of Vitek Cola in the market.

It is also worthy of mention that direct marketing may also increase the popularity of the product and, what is more, it can provide the opportunities to inform potential customers about this new product. Obviously, in the current situation the use of mail to promote the product may be a very effective tool. However, it is necessary to underline that along with the conventional mail, it is highly recommended using more progressive and modern technologies, such as Internet and IT. In fact, it is beyond a doubt that modern customers receive a lot of information from Internet and, consequently, it would be quite logical to use e-mails, for instance, to inform customers about the existence of Vitek Cola and its advantages. However, it is necessary to underline that the use of such technologies should be very careful in order to keep customers interested in the product but not bored or overwhelmed with information or advertising of Vitek Cola that would simply irritate them. In such a situation, the effect of the using of Internet and e-mail can be quite the contrary to the expected one. Unquestionably, if the information or letter customers receive from the company are irritating or is imposed to customers against his/her will, than the company risks to develop a negative image of its product and generally negative attitude to the brand and company at large, since this irritation from the received letters can be naturally extrapolated on the product itself. In such a situation, it is possible recommending to apply direct marketing very carefully and provide customers with an opportunity to take a decision of their own whether they really want to receive information about Vitek Cola or not. For instance, before sending information about Vitek Cola it is possible to supply customers with a brief questionnaire, or simply send brief information describing a product. To put it more precisely, it is possible to present Vitek Cola as a totally different and innovative drink, which possesses absolutely new qualities and, what is more, useful for the health of customers. After that it is possible to provide the links where the customer can find helpful information about the ”˜miraculous’ product.

Basically, it is important that all the recommendations given above were used in a combination so that each step in the promotion and advertising of Vitek Cola could naturally match and enforce the previous one. In such a way, it will be possible to make the advertising campaign of such a new product as Vitek Cola really effective and attract a large number of customers. In this respect it is worthy of mention that the suggested systems of discounts can also increase the loyalty of customers to the brand.



Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the introduction of the new product, Vitek Cola, will be quite complicated and accompanied by a number of difficulties. Nonetheless, the careful planning and introduction of the product in the market may be quite effective and minimize negative effects of possible difficulties. Anyway, the high quality of the product along with well-organized advertising and promotional campaign can bring Vitek Cola to the leadership in the market of soft cola drinks, especially at the present epoch when health is extremely important and more and more people are concerned about their health, and thus, they are concerned about what they eat and drink.

However, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the promotion as well as the introduction of such a new product as Vitek Cola may face certain obstacles from the part of the market, or, to put it more precisely from the part of the competitors and customers. in this respect, it should be said that the market of soft cola drinks, being large, is characterized by the presence of very strong competitors whose brands are well recognized throughout the world. This is why it will be quite difficult to overcome their resistance as well as it will be extremely difficult to totally change the customer’s habits and food culture at large. In this respect, it should be said that the success of the advertising campaign and the promotion of the main slogan that Vitek Cola is an equivalent of a healthy drink are of a paramount importance because customers should be really convinced that Vitek Cola is really better than any other existing cola to the extent that they could readily change their traditional preferences in favor of Vitek Cola.

Anyway, basically, the recommendations given above can be really helpful in an effective promotion and advertising of Vitek Cola since they can contribute to the organization of a successful advertising of the product.

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