Watergate Crisis Essay

Nowadays “Watergate” is a common term used to describe a complex web of political relationships and political scandals between 1972 and 1974. This word especially refers to the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. The “Watergate scandal” and constitutional crisis began on June 17, 1972. At night five burglars broke into the Democratic National Committee (DMC) headquarters at the Watergate office building in Washington D.C. and were arrested for their unlawful actions. This Watergate scandal received later the title of Watergate crisis and now it has an own history. In the political lexicon this notion has entered as a term synonymous with scandal and corruption, but may be most of all, “Watergate” is synonymous with abuse of power. The purpose of this paper is to describe Watergate crisis in few words and explain the importance and significance of this event.

At first the Watergate scandal was revealed as an episode in partisan politics, but then after long investigations it was defined as a terrible spy crisis with President Nixon participation and political background. It was a step to power and governmental division that brought to Nixon’s impeachment. This event is an important part of the USA historical experience and it was described as a crucial point in governmental circles and Nixon’s biography. Many politicians and researches explain Watergate crisis in their own words but all of them have the main point that it greatly changed situation in the country. Even many media reporters described the break-in as a minor story with a little national significance. Plunging into the problem we understand that it was rather big political American scandal. Watergate scandal is a mysterious story and the significance of this event consists in political changes and new President election.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned we can conclude that the Watergate crisis was the sharpest political crisis in the modern history of the USA. Watergate scandal had profound effect on political system and strong consequences in the United States. I also want to add to the previously stated information that Watergate crisis impacted on media representatives and led to a new era of more aggressive mass media reports about political situation in the country and the activities of politicians.

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