What are the implications for a culture built upon the military-industrial complex?

The culture built upon the military-industrial complex will be consistently affected by military concepts and ideas. Basically, the impact of the military-industrial complex leads to the oppression of civil rights and liberties in the society because people live in the situation of the permanent militarization of the country. Practically, this means that each individual is trained and prepared for a war. In this respect, it is not really important either for people or for the ruling regime what the enemy is, but what does matter is the presence of an enemy. The militarization of society and culture naturally implies the search for certain external enemies. This search for external enemies may be accompanies by discovering some hidden internal enemies, which, in actuality, are people that oppose to the militarization of society and culture. The military-industrial complex makes the war or, to put it more precisely, the preparation to the war the ultimate goal of the existence of each individual. As a result, each individual perceives military values as the major cultural values. For instance, the culture influenced by the military-industrial complex is characterized by the priority of interests of the state or nation over the individual interests since, in military terns, the survival of society or nation is more important than the survival of an individual. Hence, the cult of heroism and self-sacrifice for the sake of the nation or some idea, which constitutes the basis of the ideology formed under the impact of the military-industrial complex.

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