Essay on Contemporary Conference Management

In actuality, the conference management faces considerable challenges because of changes in customer needs and preferences. Nevertheless, the conference management can be effective on the condition of the proper preparation for the conference and meeting needs of the customer. The proper conference management contributes to the successful achievement of the conference goals. At the same time, the company conducting the conference should be aware of its responsibility in face of the customer and to organize and manage the conference respectively to expectations and needs of the customer. Therefore, the conference management should take into consideration the customer needs and expectations along with the resources available to the company to organize and conduct the conference successfully. In actuality, the conference for a European car manufacturer dedicated to annual sales of the company may be conducted in London, where all participants (about 200 sales force) cab easily arrive to and get access to all technologies they need and where they can enjoy almost perfect transportation and infrastructure system.

Conference Objectives

The conference organized for a European car manufacturer and dedicated to annual sales of the company has multiple objectives. Each objective is extremely important to achieve since participants of the conference are expected to improve their performance after the conference. At the same time, they should be interested in the conference that will attract them and guarantee that the conference may achieve its objectives. In this regard, needs and expectations of the customer, i.e. the European car manufacturer, since the ultimate objective of the conference is to reach the full customer satisfaction. Therefore, the conference objectives basically coincide with objectives and expectations of the car manufacturer.

One of the main objectives, the company expects from the conference is the motivation of sales force to increase their sales and to improve their performance that will stimulate the growth of the car manufacturer since the company will be able to increase its sale rates and production. Hence, motivating is one of the primary objectives of the conference. The increase of motivation is possible through inspiring participants to improve their performance and enhancing their belief that they can perform better.

Energising is another objective of the conference. Sales force should perform better but they cannot perform better, if they have little enthusiasm and energy. Instead, they may face considerable troubles while selling their products that will put under a threat the overall performance of the European car manufacturer, the event owner. Energising can boost the performance of sales force participating in the conference. At the same time, energising can be reached through the implementation of positive motivators and demonstration of positive effects of the better performance to sales force. In such a way, sales force will learn positive models of behaviour and understand that they can reach better results, if they work with enthusiasm and energy. Enthusiasm can also be reached through rewards which sales person may receive. In the course of the conference sales force may have to solve certain hypothetical problems and the sales force that solves the problem better will receive a reward.

Educating is also the extremely important objective of the conference. The education of the sales force can stimulate their better performance since they will develop new skills and experience that will help them to sell better. Therefore, the conference should perform the educative role to help sales force to expand their skills and experience and to improve their performance.

At the same time, the conference should provide the networking with participants since all participants should have access to the network via which they can communicate with each other. Today, wireless networks open large opportunities for the effective information sharing during the conference. Wireless networks are user-friendly, easy to create and safe enough. Hence, networking is an essential objective of the conference, especially taking into consideration the possibility of the further use of this experience by the European car manufacturer and its sales force. What is meant here is the fact that the European car manufacturer and their sales person can implement the networking solution offered during the conference in their regular work to create their own networks at the local level or internationally to unite all sales force and the company by the common network.

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