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1. accept: take except: leave out, to exclude
2. advise: give counsel advice: counsel
3. air: atmosphere err: make a mistake
4. affect: influence (verb)
affect: a particular psychological state (noun) effect: impact and purpose (noun) effect: bring about (verb)
5. a lot: many allot: divide
6. altar, a platform upon which religious rites are performed alter: change
7. allowed: given permission aloud: out loud, verbally
8. all together: all at one time altogether: completely
9. allude: refer to elude: escape
10.  already: previously
all ready: completely prepared
11. allusion: a reference to a well-known place, event, person,
work of art, or other work of literature
illusion: a misleading appearance or a deception
12. among: three or more people, places, or things between: two people, places, or things
13. amount: things that can't be counted (example: amount of sunlight)
number: things that can be counted (example: number of bricks)
14. are: part of the circumference of a circle; curved line ark: boat
15. are: plural verb our: belonging to us
16. ascent: move up assent: agree
17. bare: undressed
feare; unadorned, plain
bear, large wild animal bear, carry, hold
18. base: the bottom part of an object; the plate in baseball;
morally low
bass: the lowest male voice; a type of fish; a musical instrument
19. beau: sweetheart
bow: bend from the waist; a device used to propel arrows; loops of ribbon; the forward end of a ship
20. berth: a sleeping area in a ship birth: being born
21. board: a thin piece of wood; a group of directors bored: not interested
22. bom: native, brought forth by birth borne: endured (past participle of "to bear")
23. bore: tiresome person boar: male pig
24. brake: a device for slowing a vehicle
break: crack or destroy
25. bread: baked goods bred: cause to be born
26. breadth: the side-to-side dimension breath: inhalation and exhalation
27. bridal: pertaining to the bride or a wedding bridle: part of a horse's harness
28. buy: purchase
by: near or next to
29. capital: the city or town that is the official seat of govern¬ment; highly important; net worth of a business
Capitol: the building in Washington D.C. where the U.S. Congress meets
30. conscience: moral sense conscious: awake
31. cell: a small room, as in a convent or a prison sell: trade
32. cent: a penny scent: aroma
33. cheep: what a bird says cheap: not expensive
34. deer, animal dear: beloved
35. do: act or make (verb) due: caused by (adjective)
36. draft: breeze draft: sketch
37. dye: change color died: ceased living
38. emigrate: move away from one's country immigrate: move to another country
39. eminent: distinguished imminent: expected momentarily immanent: inborn, inherent
40. fare: price charged for transporting a passenger fair, not biased; moderately large; moderately good
41. faze: stun
phase: a stage in someone's behavior
42. for: because
four: the number 4
43. gorilla: ape guerrilla: soldier
44. grate: irritate, reduce to small pieces great: big, wonderful
45. hair: the stuff on your head
heir: beneficiary of a deceased person's estate hare: rabbit like animal
46. here: in this place hear: listen
47. hours: 60-minute period ours: belonging to us
48. it's: contraction for "it is" its: possessive pronoun
49. lay: to put down lie: be flat
50. lead: conduct
lead: bluish-gray metal led: past tense of "to lead"
51. loose: not tight, not fastened (noun) loose: untighten or let go (verb) lose: misplace (verb)
52. meat: animal flesh meet: encounter; proper
53. peace: calm piece: section
54. plain: not beautiful; obvious; also, a flat stretch of land plane: airplane; in geometry, a two-dimensional surface
55. presence: company, closeness presents: gifts
56. principal: main; head of a school principle: rule
57. reed: plants
read: interpret the written word
58. right: correct write: form letters
59. than: comparison then: at that time
60. their: belonging to them they're: contraction for "they are" there: place
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