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Essay on Global ethics and labor standards

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by essay

Briscoe & Schuler (2004, p. 174) argue that practices of multinational organizations when they conduct business outside their countries of origin are watched out by the media and the public organizations and often cause serious public concern in the local communities. It is obvious there are some common human values and ethical standards that may be defined that are applicable worldwide, but there are also certain specific details and sometimes even considerable variance of the ethical climate between different countries. For example, such things as bribery, gifts or favors, tax evasion, or child labor may be perceived differently in different country. (Tayeb,2005) HR manager should be very careful in applying of the ethical standards to the local market, because the […]

Applied Ethics in Engineering and Computer Technologies essay

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QUESTION 4 In the article Affirmative Action Goals in Hiring and Promotion, Tom Beauchamp claims that two schools of thought disagree on the core meaning of the term affirmative action, which has been defined in minimal and maximal ways.  First, let’s explain the minimal and maximal ways of the affirmative action definition. It is known that the original meaning of the term affirmative action was minimal because it was focused on those plans which had the major goal – to protect equal opportunities and to struggle against discrimination. Besides, the term affirmative action was focused on creating the special social scholarship programs which provided effective recruitment and openly advertised available positions. The new meaning of affirmative action can be defined […]

Ethics term paper 2nd part

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Step 2. Analysis of costs and benefits for each alternative and for all groups and persons affected. For the first scenario, the decision of the company to continue selling transistors might lead to deaths of the patients because of defects in the technology, risks of lawsuits for both companies and significant losses for all involved parties. The only positive aspect of this situation could be the potential benefit to healthcare industry due to future improvement of the technology. For the second scenario, the company selling transistors will find itself in a secure position, since it would no longer be exposed to the risk of lawsuits. Overall good to the employees and management of this company would be maximized in this […]


Business Ethics research paper

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5) Provide an argument for why there is an unfair competition of Multinational Corporations (MNC) versus local firms in Less Developed Countries (LDCs). Do MNCs exploit LDCs? Provide an argument for and against this view. According to De George, what are the Ethical Guidelines for Multinational Operations? Do you think, then, that there can be an ethical globalization?   Multinational corporations (MNCs) are understood as big companies (annual sales of at least $1 billion, from one fifth to one third of total turnover is accounted for overseas operations, the share of foreign assets makes at least 25%, and the subsidiaries are placed in at least 6 countries), which have a significant impact on the world market for goods and factors […]

Business Ethics essay

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3) How can one argue that there is a right to employment (in answering this question you must explain how one may have a) a right to work, b) a right to life, and c) a right to respect (not necessarily in that order)? How can one argue for a right to a just wage?   In contrast to the specific rights related to conditions of employment, there are common rights in relations with society, the system itself and, consequently, the rights having a special status; the right to employment is one of them. The right to employment is not related to the rights recognized in the United States, where unemployment is presumed and recognized. The right to employment can […]