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Buy research paper on Marketing Strategy

Promotion considerations

The company pays a lot of attention to the promotion of its products. The major promotion consideration of Tropicana Juice is to attract customers. For this purpose the company attempts to regain the confidence of customers in the high quality and safety of its products. This is why the promotional campaign of the company and its new product, Tropicana Juice Premium, focuses on stressing the authenticity of the orange juice and its Florida’s origin. The emphasis on the origin and the high level of quality and safety of the new product should become milestones of the promotional campaign for the new product. At the same time, the company can exploit its positive brand image and customers’ confidence in the quality of its products. Nevertheless, the major concern of the company still refers to the return of the company to its original suppliers from Florida that will attract customers and increase their certainty in the safety of the company’s new product. At any rate, the new product will become an alternative compared to other products which are made of imported oranges.

People considerations

The target customer group of the company includes customers concerned with their health. Therefore, the company attempts to meet their expectations and focuses on the customer satisfaction. In this regard, the introduction of the new product aims at meeting customers’ expectations. In fact, American consumers are more inclined to buy orange juice made of oranges supplied by Florida’s farmers. They are more confident in those oranges and they are uncertain in the quality and safety of Brazilian oranges. Hence, they grow very concerned with the supplier of oranges for Tropicana Juice. As a result, the introduction of Tropicana Juice Premium can help the company to regain the confidence of customers, mainly American ones, and to eliminate their concerns and doubts concerning the quality and safety of the company’s products.

In addition, the company attempts to maintain positive organizational culture and breed employees’ loyalty to the brand. The staff turnover in the company is relatively low that proves that employees remain loyal to the company. Employees’ loyalty helps Tropicana Juice to maintain the high level of productivity and increase the efficiency of employees’ performance.

Process considerations

The production process tends to the higher automation. In the course of time, the automation level of the production process has increased consistently. In such a way, the company attempts to increase the productivity and efficiency of the organizational performance. The high productivity and efficiency of employees’ and organizational performance is crucial for the positive marketing performance of the company because the company can outpace its rivals without raising costs of production but relying on the increase of productivity.

In addition, the company develops logistics, as one of the strategic directions in its business development, because the company operates internationally. Moreover, the supply of oranges from Brazil requires the efficient logistics since oranges from Brazil should be delivered to the production facilities in the US fast before they are spoiled. The company has well-developed logistics at the moment. Moreover, the company has not only a well-developed supply chain but also a well-developed shipping service because the company delivers its products directly to customers along with large retailers.

Physical evidence considerations

At the moment, the company maintains its position in the market, in spite of some controversies. In this regard, the major controversy is the decrease of the size of orange juice cartons which allows the company to sell less juice for the same price as the larger amount of juice. In addition, the company uses oranges from Brazil and Florida. Customers consider oranges from Brazil less safe compared to those from Florida. Hence, the company uses oranges from Florida for the new product, Tropicana Juice Premium. However, economically Brazilian oranges are more beneficial for the company.


Thus, Tropicana Juice maintains a strong position in the orange juice market. The company focuses on customers, who are concerned with their health. Today, the company introduces the new product, Tropicana Juice Premium, which contains oranges from Florida, in contrast to conventional Tropicana Juice’ products containing oranges from Brazil. The company continues the strategy of the international market expansion and its distribution network to take a better position in the market.


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Custom essay on Marketing Strategy

Product considerations

The product manufactured by the company is orange juice. Traditionally, the company manufactures orange juice using oranges cultivated in Florida and supplied by Florida’s farmers. However, series of poor crops forced the company to start importing oranges from Brazil and other countries. In such a way, the company changed suppliers to ensure the stable supply of oranges to keep the production process stable.

Today, the company considers the introduction of the new product, Tropicana Juice Premium, which uses Florida’s oranges solely. In such a way, the company attempts to enhance the public image of its product and to regain the confidence of customers in safety and usefulness of its products for their health. Customers will perceive the new product as being safer and probably healthier but the company cannot fully replace Brazilian oranges to meet the current demand of the orange juice. Florida’s oranges are not enough to provide sufficient amount of oranges to maintain the production lines of the company busy.

Price considerations

Taking into consideration the large share of imported oranges, the company could have considered the possibility of decrease the price of its products. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the price of oranges in Brazil and Latin America are basically lower compared to the US due to the lower costs of the labour force and other factors. Even if the company adds transportation costs, buying oranges in Brazil is cheaper than buying oranges in Florida. Hence, the company could have decreased the price of its products but Tropicana Juice has not decreased the price so far.

The main reason for the maintenance of the price of Tropicana Juice products unchanged is the economic recession and certain decline in the consumption of orange juice. The economic recession is the main cause of the drop of consumption since customers prefer saving costs and buy cheaper products. The decrease of the consumption naturally forces the company to look for options to minimize its financial losses and to increase revenues to maintain the high productivity and to enhance its marketing position.

In order to regain possible financial losses, the company has decreased the volume of juice cartons and preserved the price unchanged. In fact, this step was quite controversial since the decrease of the carton meant the rise of the price, even though a carton of Tropicana Juice’s price has not changed. In fact, the decrease of the carton size is just another way of increasing the price of the product. The rise of the price, direct or indirect, as is the case of Tropicana Juice, is a regular step undertaken by companies, who want to preserve their revenues high, regardless of the crisis in the economy.

Moreover, the introduction of Tropicana Juice Premium will increase the price of the new product. In this regard, several factors provoke the rise of the price. First, the new product is manufactured of oranges cultivated in Florida, which are more expensive than Brazilian oranges, for instance. Hence, the costs of production of Tropicana Juice Premium are higher compared to the conventional orange juice manufactured by Tropicana Juice. Second, the new product is positioned as the product of the upper segment of the market. Hence, the company has to set the higher price to cover costs and to meet the average upper segment price level.

Distribution considerations

Tropicana Juice has an extensive distribution network. As a rule, the company uses large retailers, such as Target or Wal-Mart, to distribute its products. At the same time, the company uses its own shipping to deliver its products directly to customers. The company has refrigerators that deliver Tropicana Juice to customers directly. However, today, the use of such shipping becomes costly for the company, while the use of large retailers allows the company to maintain its sale rates high with relatively low costs on shipping. On the other hand, the direct shipping to customers improves the public image of the company and increases the customer loyalty to the brand. The latter is very important today, because the customer loyalty can help the company to maintain its competitive position in the market.

The introduction of the new product is unlikely to change the distribution chain of the company since Tropicana Juice relies heavily on large retailers, who are capable to maintain the high level of sale rates and large volumes of products being sold in the market. On the other hand, the company can use intensively its shipping to deliver the new product to customers. Taking into consideration the positioning of the new product and its belongingness to the upper segment, the company can include the transportation costs into the price of Tropicana Juice Premium, which is higher compared to the conventional orange juice supplied by the company.

In addition, the company considers the further international market expansion that requires the expansion of the distribution network of the company internationally. At the moment, the company operates in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia. As the company keeps growing, the further expansion of the distribution network becomes essential. Basically, the new product may be sold successfully in international markets as well but the company should be aware of the fact that the new product is likely to be popular in the markets, where customers have the high level of health concerns. For instance, the new product may attract customers’ attention in European market, while it may be not very popular in Latin America, where the price is often more important than quality or health concerns.

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Custom essay on Marketing Strategy

Table of contents:


Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Product considerations

Price considerations

Distribution considerations

Promotion considerations

People considerations

Process considerations

Physical evidence considerations


















Tropicana Juice is one of the main players in the orange juice market that operates internationally, although the US is the major market for the company. The company attempts to enhance its position in the US and international markets. However, the recent economic recession has had a considerable impact on the business development of the company as the consumption has dropped, while customers have started to save their money refusing from products they used to be accustomed to, including orange juice supplied by Tropicana Juice. Nevertheless, the company has a long history and a considerable potential for the further business development. As the company operates internationally, the situation in the US market, being very important for the business development of the company, still cannot fully stop the further progress of the company. In addition, Tropicana Juice attempts to improve its business in the US and to expand its operations further internationally. Today, the company focuses on the market expansion and enhancement of its position on its traditional markets, especially the market of the US, and for this purpose the company introduces the new product, Tropicana Juice Premium, which the company expects to attract customers with.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning

At the present moment, the company operates in the medium segment of the orange juice market but the introduction of the new product, Tropicana Juice Premium, can allow the company to enter the upper segment of the market because the new product is manufactured of oranges cultivated in Florida, the US. Taking into consideration the current physical conditions of Florida and the threat of the poor crops of oranges, the costs of manufacturing of the new product may be high. Hence, the company is likely to increase the price. Consequently, the company is likely to shift the new product to the upper segment of the market. The introduction of the new product implies that the company focuses on multiple segments of the juice market. Tropicana Juice offers products that meet expectations of average customers, who prefer orange juice sold at affordable price, and the premium orange juice made of Florida’s oranges.

The target customer group of the company traditionally was and will be customers, who are concerned with their health. Orange juice is useful for health and consumers naturally choose orange juice instead of other drinks, which may be potentially dangerous for their health. Consequently, the company focuses on customers, who are concerned with their health and want to purchase healthy drinks, such as orange juice. Today, the share of such customers increases due to the growing popularity of the healthy lifestyle and the growing threat of obesity and other health problems provoked by poor nutrition and unhealthy food culture.

Hence, customers grow more and more concerned with the origin of oranges used by Tropicana Juice for manufacturing of its orange juice. As the major suppliers are Brazilian and Latin American farmers, customers grow concerned with the quality of orange juice manufactured by the company. American customers feel uncertain about the quality and safety of Brazilian oranges but Brazilian farmers can supply oranges to Tropicana Juice, while the decreased productivity of Florida’s orange crops raises the problem of stable and sufficient supply of oranges to meet needs of the company.

This is why the new product will enhance the positioning of Tropicana Juice as the company manufacturing original healthy orange juice of the high quality. At any rate, customers are confident of the high quality and safety of oranges supplied by Florida’s farmers. At the same time, the high costs of the production are likely to increase the price of the new product but the company expects to attract the customer attention due to the positive image of Florida’s oranges and the strong belief of customers in their high quality and safety.

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Custom essay on Modern Day Witch Hunts

It is known that witches have always involved moral panic in public. Witch hunts represented the so-called searches for witches and often led to lynching and mass hysteria. Historically, witch hunts were legally sanctioned in cities and towns as official witchcraft trials.  Due to historical studies, the scope and intensity of witchcraft prosecutions are now well-known to the public. In Europe and North America, the period of 1450 – 1700 is considered to be the classical period of witch hunts during which more than 40,000 executions took place (Ankarloo 55). People have always been intrigued by the magic of witches, although some people still do not believe in witchcraft.

In our times, witch hunting has a little bit different meaning, but the same nature. Today witch hunts occur in our society when an individual (or a group of individuals) persecutes another individual or individuals unfairly and blames them for the larger problems in their lives. This fact means that witch hunting is based on the expression of fear, violence and ignorance. The Holocaust is the major example of modern witch hunt, organized by the German Political party with Adolf Hitler at the head, who needed to find someone to be blamed for the losses in war.

One of the examples of witch hunts is the Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts that represented a series of legal hearings and prosecutions of women accused of witchcraft in 1692 -1693. The historical Salem witch trials still have an enormous impact on our society today. It is known that modern day witch hunts include the communist hunts, the political events of the 1950s which inspired the characters in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The following groups were persecuted on political and behavioral grounds: political groups including Communists, Socialists, religious groups, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the groups of homosexuals.

The well-known modern day witch hunts include the O.J. Simpson case and the case of Casey Anthony, both of which are based on violence and oppression towards the victims of human injustice: O. J. Simpson and Casey Anthony. According to Joyce Meijering, Simpson was “arrested and prosecuted by people who knew him to be innocent” (1). Casey Anthony was wrongly accused of killing her two-year old daughter. It is known that the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder and aggravated child abuse, but guilty of providing false information to the law enforcement officials. The case of Casey Anthony was described as a social media witch hunt. These witch hunts can be compared to the Salem witch trials, during which 29 people were convicted of witchcraft, and the majority of them were executed for their crimes. The causes of Salem witch trials and the cases of Simpson and Anthony were based on political, religious and local contexts.

To sum up, our system of justice is focused on civil rights and liberties which are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It is clear that “overly ambitious prosecutors should not be permitted to use trials as witch hunts by which to perpetuate their crime fighting aspirations”, according to Constantinos E. Scaros (321). Witch hunts that occur in our society are based on religious and political contexts. The majority of modern day witch hunts can be viewed as a kind of purification act that has the major goal –to purge an individual or a group of individuals “associated with anti-social tendencies from the social body in order to increase social integration” (Janzen 25).

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Buy term paper on Prompt Answer for UC

First of all I would like to start by saying that my name is Faris Alshawi. I am from Saudi Arabia. I am a very single-minded person. Thus, I would like to tell about my personal qualities, talents, accomplishments, and the ways how these accomplishments make me proud and how do they relate to the formation of my personality.

To begin, I want to state that I am so fortunate to have a very good family with strong ethical values and beliefs. My family has given me unconditional love and understanding, which made me self-confident person full of different talents and creative ideas. I loved many different subjects at school, and my school education allowed me to realize that our world is full of unexplored opportunities and it is always important to continue the own education much more beyond the frames of school curriculum. I like to develop and optimize different processes and methods, while my creative nature helps me to communicate with people as good as I can “communicate” with technical devices. For instance, I love to help people concerning computers because I have learned several computer languages such as C++ and visual basic for computer design, and it gives me an opportunity to see a presence of some regularities in different things which go far from computer reality. Moreover, I need also to add that I have an experience in professional fixing of different computer problems because I worked at my uncle’s shop in Saudi Arabia. Thus, due to my occupation with computers I have an analytical habit of mind. I want to mark such peculiarities of my mind as logic, attentiveness, ability to count the situation in advance. I am a very diligent and assiduous person. I am sure that these qualities will help me to achieve my goal and to finish all my projects in the most successful way.

Being honest, I need to say that my life was full of different events, but I never gave up because I strongly believe that new challenges make the person’s character stronger and help the person to overcome all the hardships on the way to success. I like to participate in different risk initiatives, and I proud of myself that I signed up for high school musical during my first year in New Zealand, having no experience in this area. This experience allowed me to participate in community useful activity and to prove that I can overcome many hardships using the own diligence and will to win. Of course, it was not an easy way for me, but I found enough efforts to do everything in a proper way and my participation in musical allowed people to look at me from another perspective. In such a way, I came to the understanding that I had accomplished something very important to my future development and my actions also were very important to my community.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that every person should develop the own personality during the life and I always try not to miss various opportunities to learn something new and to improve my character. In addition, I think that my experience in different areas both made my character firm and my mind sharp, and these characteristics will help me to achieve success in any area.

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