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Sex selection Custom essay

One  ethical issue arises as there is already an approach of sex selection, that has obtained consent and that few object to: sperm sorting. Nowadays, it is probable to sort sperm in two groups, those which will create male children and those which will give female children. The approach is not, nevertheless, as dependable as checking a resulting embryo.

So, some people think if the fundamental idea of sex selection is moral, then it would be not ethical to merely offer an inferior approach of doing it. Other people, however, see a crucial ethical dissimilarity between the two approaches, noting sperm sorting does not result in removal of “possible children.” This appears quite an insincere objection, at least coming from any person involved in the evolvement of embryos for the fertility cure. Why? As they at all times develop more “possible children” than it is required, which automatically results in some which may merely be discarded as they are not required. If someone actually is bothered by “possible children” being discarded, then they should object to the fertility treatments absolutely.

Advantages of the Sex Selection

Some scholars, for instance, Brent Waters believe that the most crucial advantage of the gender selection is the ability to avoid certain genetic illnesses. This may, in fact, be more of an advantage than people think of at first. Specific characteristics are passed down through sex based sides of a family. If the mother of a future child had cervical cancer and the wife’s mother had that illness it would be very smart to consider having a son and not a daughter. Also, more and more, due to the stem cell research, some families are having kids to save one sibling of a certain sex that requires medical help. At times it is not merely a kid but a parent (Waters 84-97).

The gender selection allows the family to determine the size of a family. Lots of different couples dream of having two or three kids. And as far as I know many people wish to have at least one boy and one girl. With sex selection, these couples may have that. There is also the economic point of view. For people that have kids close together, it may be economically beneficial to have the same sex offspring. One more child could wear the older child’s clothes, for instance. Also, when people know the gender of their future child, they have more time to prepare for that baby.

Depending on the nation parents may wish to avoid a certain sex for lawful limitations or to sincerely spare a kid from an unhappy living in very gender biased culture. In so many cultures around the globe females are aborted, murdered, or left to pass away due to the (hypothetical) low value. This is a real trouble in Africa and India. India has passed administration banning abortion in some cases due to gender of the fetus (Waters 84-97).

Some families utilize the sex selection to be certain that a family lineage will preserve. Family names are traced through a man’s side in most cases and so to be certain a name survives it would be smart to guarantee at least one son. Also at times parents want to allow some relative or a close friend to know the gender (and possibly name) of a child if that individual may not live long enough to see the baby. If someone’s father was passing away and family wished to pass his name on, being capable to select a boy would allow the parents to fulfill the dream.

The Early Beginnings of Gender Selection

According to J. Elliott, since time immemorial humans have hoped to impact the sex of own kids (Elliott 1219-20). Whether they are attempting for a boy or a girl, for millennia parents have tried to influence what gender the future offspring would be. From moon phases and magic totems to the difficult rituals of timing intercourse utilized by many people even nowadays, there is no limit to what parents will do if they want to have a baby of a certain sex. There have been legends and teachings in each corner of the globe about what might work to create a male or female baby.

Historically, the first choice had been for male children, for lots of grounds: economics, survival, legal aims and superstitions. Some females were also motivated by superstitions and social pressure to give birth to boys. In various cultures a woman’s entire worth was dependent on whether she could provide the family with boys. Under the circumstances, it is easy to understand why historically females wished to impact the children’s sex and why people created different customs to try to make a difference. The gender of offspring had an amazing influence on couples’ lives, and even today still does in some nations. It is at the heart of the legal, social, and economic motivations, which have driven humans to attempt to select the sex of the children, even from the early-historical times (Elliott 1219-20). That is why I personally consider the advanced methods of sex selection a perfect way to give birth to a child that will be happy according to his or her parents’ opinion. Besides, even without the advanced medical approaches to the sex selection people will still utilize the traditional methods to influence the baby’s gender.


The gender selection is the issue relevant to all people; the impact on future generations rests on the decisions humans make nowadays. Till recently, sex selection was merely accessible to couples already experiencing the fertility treatments. With success of the PGD approach, the increasing quantity of fertility clinics is opening the procedure to everybody. Financial considerations and convenience are the only obstacles facing couples who want to specifically plan the families. And as health technology advances further, choosing the sex of a child may become even simpler.

In some nations gender selection is illegal unless performed for medical grounds, such as the parents having some genetic sex-related illness that they do not want to pass onto a baby. In the USA and some European nations, gender selection for personal grounds and family balancing is allowed. It means couples who have at least one baby of the same sex can choose for a baby of the opposite sex to harmonize the family unit.

Moral concerns counting the eugenics are part of the general equation when considering the pros and cons of sex selection. Sex selection is not only one factor comprised in eugenics, but it is one that may considerably influence the society. Some people assert that major concern is that the gender selection approaches could lead to an uncontrollably twisted amount of men and women in society, resulting in the misery and public unrest. The relative amount of daughters to sons has already lessened in China, where the abortion may be utilized as a sex selection instrument. Yes, these concerns should not be ignored. However, the sex selection provides many individuals with huge benefits. It allows people to be (in a way) confident in the health and happy living of their children. Sometimes people fear to have kids as they can pass on own illnesses, or these kids will experience huge troubles due to their (possible) inferiority in some nations. Sex selection is also beneficial from the economic point of view and in addition, it allows the family to preserve their family name. That is why I am confident that sex selection should be allowed and encouraged in all countries all over the world.

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Buy an essay on Should Parents be Allowed to Select the Sex of Their Baby

When a woman is expecting a baby, somebody is sure to ask her whether she dreams of having a boy or a girl. Some parents genuinely do not mind which sex the child is, while other couples have an obvious preference. The preference might be inspired by vague ideas of what girls and boys are like; it may be borne of a wish to balance up a family unit dominated by a single sex; or it may be caused by actual important economic and social pressures. It is apparent that some individuals actually do care what sex the baby is going to be. However, is it right to perform on the preference? This paper will discuss the gender selection techniques as well as the opinions of opponents and supporters of these methods.

Specific Gender and Issues Surrounding Gender Selection

Gender selection is an increasing industry in the USA. Due to technological advancements over the past thirty years (after the appearance of IVF) it is today possible for couples to select the gender of a baby, using an approach, which is recognized as “family balancing.” There are dissimilar methods to do so – the most successful one is a screening process named PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). It has practically 100% success rate compared to 60% for the other Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs), for instance, sperm sorting (Peterson-Iyer 32-67).

The issue of sex selection relates to using many approaches and methods to create a baby of a certain sex. In the past, this word merely related to the informal “at-home” techniques, which were linked to creating some genders as an outcome of dissimilar tricks relating to conception. Nowadays, there are more advanced technical ways of assisting in creating a kid of a certain gender but together with this technology comes disagreement.

The matter of sex selection at all times appears to raise ethical concerns, and the pros and cons of a sex selection pregnancy are not always simple to distinguish. For many people, the child sex selection disagreement is separated by natural fertility versus medical notion selection techniques, but there are some common gender selection advantages and disadvantages, which may be applied to all methods.

The Drawbacks of Gender Selection

The negative parts of this novel power of option are mainly moral and should not be neglected. Where do people stop when it comes to the fertility manipulation? Karen Peterson-Iyer asserts that some researchers claim that the recognition of sex selection could be a springboard to “designer” kids, giving fresh meaning to the expression sex discrimination (Peterson-Iyer 32-67).

The opponents of gender selection assert that the sex selection takes God out of the equation as it is his prerogative to give parents the children and gender that they need. So, by selecting the sex people think they should have, they may be circumventing possible blessings. This ethical concern makes sense, however, it is also possible to understand the families where there are many kids of one gender and parents want to have at least one of the opposite gender (Peterson-Iyer 32-67).

Additional worries humans have concern the probable sex ratio imbalances in the recent future (like those in India and China), “psychological damage to sex-selected children (by putting on them extremely high expectations), growing marital disagreement over gender selective decisions, and strengthening of sex discrimination in society in general” (Peterson-Iyer 32-67). People also add that sex selection is quite costly and this procedure takes away an element of excitement and surprise when opting not to determine the child’s gender. That is a part of the joy of preparing for the child, the element of surprise.

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Buy custom research paper on Pricing

Question 1. What is price fairness?

Price fairness means that the prices offered to the consumers are perceived by them as fair. Pricing can be based on various criteria, and the price which can be evaluated as fair at the market, can be viewed as unfair by the consumers. The act of purchase is in fact a relationship between the seller and the customer, and from this point of view, price fairness is viewed as the fairness of seller’s reward for customer input in this relationship. Other factors which affect customers’ perception of price fairness are equal pricing within a specific social group, and equal pricing associated with special events (e.g. sale or discount coupons). In all cases, customers generally perceive pricing as fair, if it applies to a particular group of people, and is adjusted fairly with regard to a specific factor (e.g. lower prices for students or for aged customers, discounts for loyal customers, etc.). Two main factors of judgment of price fairness are comparison of individual prices to the prices offered to other people, and comparison of prices within a time range.

Question 2. From marketer’s perspective, do you agree Amazon’s differentiated pricing is a good practice? Why or why not?

Amazon’s differentiated pricing is not a good approach to market the goods, because customers can easily figure out price discrimination, and the reputation of the company will be disproved. For marketing, especially for online sales, the company’s reputation is one of the major factors, and the loss of customer loyalty will negatively affect Amazon’s market position. Competition in online sales is tight, and if customers start perceiving Amazon’s pricing as unfair, it is highly likely that Amazon’s revenues will decline. Therefore, the method of differentiated pricing (discriminative pricing) chosen by Amazon is not good, from marketer’s perspective.

Question 3. Can you think of ways that Amazon.com could have managed to “improve” customers’ perceptions of price fairness?

Amazon could improve customer perceptions of price fairness, offering different prices for different groups of people, so that people would be aware of the pricing changes. Having an open policy for pricing would greatly help in increasing perceived price fairness for Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon should use some reliable personal data to apply price differentiation (e.g. passport number, identification code or other data which could be verified), because in this case it would not be possible to falsify personal data to get access to lower pricing. In this case, customers would consider Amazon’s pricing as fair, thus increasing the level of trust to the company.

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Animal Human Culture custom essay

Some experts try to focus their attention on negative aspects of human-animal relations. Sarah Knight and Harold Herzog discuss this issue in their book. They refer to the publication of 1993 The Role of Animals in Human Society in which it is possible to find a discussion on visibility of human-animal studies among different scholars in sociology. It is found that animals play a significant role in the lives of many people in this world. For example, companion animals can be regarded as the main source of psychological support in today’s stressful environment. According to Sarah Knight and Harold Herzog, “attachment to pets is often intense” as it was exemplified by many pet owners who simply refused to evacuate their homes in the face of natural disasters and accidents (2009:454). A number of different studies have found that, as a rule, pets have an ability to improve psychological well-being of their owners. In addition, the researchers state that the presence of a pet (cat or dog, etc.) can be more effective than the presence of a friend in some stressful situations.

Moreover, it is known that over the last three or four decades the treatment of animals has been changed from an ordinary issue into a significant social issue. Although today there is still a considerable disagreement concerning the moral status and acceptable methods of treatment of nonhuman beings, the situation has been changed. Today there is a widely spread agreement that animals should not be intentionally mistreated by human beings in our society. Nevertheless, hundreds of researchers in the United States continue to use animals in their biomedical purposes. According to the statistics, each year a great number of animals is killed for their flesh not only in the USA, but also in other countries of the world. In the last three decades this number has been tripled. However, there is “a fairly small yet highly committed segment of our society that believe that the present day use of animals is a true moral tragedy for the present and future generations (Knight & Herzog, 2009: 454).  The representatives of this group try to persuade others of the necessity to protect animals, but not to kill them. For example, the Animal Liberation Front is a well-known organization that uses domestic terrorism threats to protect animals from ill treatment.

In addition, it is found that due to the advancement of technology and industry, animal use procedures have been changed in the last decades. For example, such issues as family farming, genetic engineering and breeding animals for medical purposes, such as human transplants, have been discussed differently, from the extreme responses to the indifferent ones. It means that the use of animals for human needs creates a conflict between the opponents and the proponents. It also means that the morals status of animals in our society depends on the behavior and attitudes of the public and scientists. These facts have enormous impact on the lives of all animals in our society that are kept in captivity for different purposes, including farming, companionship, research work, and for a number of other purposes. Sarah Knight and Harold Herzog state that the major problem is that “the use of animals can greatly benefit human beings, but comes at great cost to the large numbers of animals involved” (2009: 456). It means that there is a dilemma: on the one hand, human beings are interested in the use of animals for their needs, and, on the other hand, they are fond of them. The attitudes towards animals in today’s society influence the way they are treated by human beings. Moreover, the views of the public have enormous impact on the certain changes in law and legislation, policy and practice.

The other important fact that characterizes human – animal relations is connected with religion, Christian ethics and morale. It is known that animals appear thought the Bible in which it is possible to find the answer on how human beings ought to treat animals in human society. Animal rights are discussed in a number of religious sources, including not only the Bible, but also the encyclopedia on science and religion. The following quote of St. Thomas Aquinas (an Italian Dominican priest who made great contributions in the Roman Catholic Church) on animal right gives an explanation of “the effects of Christian belief on human views of animals: It is not wrong for a man to make use of them either by killing or any other way whatever” (Aquinas  10). This means that, according to the natural law, human beings may use animals for whatever purpose they want. However, there are many passages in the Bible which forbid human being to kill animals, because through cruelty to animals human beings become cruel to other human beings. For example, the Bible forbids killing a bird with its young.

From the human point of view, it is difficult to agree with the statement of St. Thomas Aquinas because animals are weak creatures that need care and protection. Today millions of people on our planet are animal advocates. They protect the rights of animals and want all people to be kinder to the nature. Animal protection organizations can be found in all parts of the world, including Canada, the USA, Australia, China, Japan, the UK, etc. For example, one of the well-known animal protection organizations in the USA is World Pet Organization that is run by dedicated animal protection supporters. The members of this organization try to change the lives of the abused, homeless and ill animals. The other organization is the World Society for the Protection of Animals, a well-known international non-profit animal welfare organization with members in more than 50 countries. The major goal of this organization is to reduce animal suffering in human society and to advance animal rights (Francione, 2000: 81).


Taking the above mentioned facts into consideration, it is necessary to conclude that Jane Goodwell touches a very important question in present day society in which human beings face a dilemma: whether to use animals in their needs, or to treat them with care. She wants all people to think about the nature of human animal relationships, about animal rights and morality, about kindness and pity for animals. When she says: “Who are we to say that the suffering of a human being is more terrible than the suffering of a nonhuman being, or that it matters more?”, she means that animals can suffer the same way as human beings. They feel pain, but they cannot protest against it, because animals are weak creatures that require human care and support.

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Buy research paper on Gender Studies: Animal Human Culture

“Who are we to say that the suffering of a human being is more terrible than the suffering of a nonhuman being, or that it matters more?” (Goodall, 15).  Discuss.

It is known that animals have always played an important role in the life of human beings. Today they are “part and parcel of our present day culture” (De Jonge & Bos, 2005:1). Animals are used by human beings in different ways, both in positive and negative. Human beings manage the lives of animals when they conserve or destroy them.  My goal in this paper is to discuss Jane Goodall’s statement on the nature of animals in human world. She says, “Who are we to say that the suffering of a human being is more terrible than the suffering of a nonhuman being, or that it matters more?” (Goodall, 1993, p.15)  Jane Goodall tries to attract attention of the readers by such a simple question which, at the same time, is a philosophic question. It is known that many people in this world do not realize that “nonhuman beings” can think and feel. However, animals as “nonhuman beings” cannot speak human language, and they cannot express their opinions on this or that issue, and they cannot get into an argument. That is why they have no opportunity to tell people about their sufferings and about their pain. The issue discussed in this paper is an important one in our society, because today many people ignore the rights of animals. They treat animals badly and cause intense sufferings to them.

Goodall’s question is closely connected with speciesism. Speciesism is focused on assigning some values or rights, or even special consideration to human beings on the basis of their species membership in the society (Appleton, 2006:1). The term speciesism was first represented by the famous British psychologist Richard D. Ryder (1971) who defined it as any form of prejudice against nonhuman beings based on morally invalid physical differences. Josie Appleton discusses the issue concerning the battle over the new Oxford animal research lab hangs. The major question is whether it is moral or immoral to use animals to our ends. Some people consider that it is immoral to make animals suffer and to use their lives for the needs of human beings, while others believe that animals should be used in testing for saving human rights. It is found that today many advocates of the animal rights claim that it is “mere speciesism to prioritize human ends over those of mice, cats or primates” (Appleton, 2006:1).

One of the animal rights activists Peter Singer, discusses the nature of human animal relationships in his works. He defines the term speciesism as an example of prejudice or negative attitude towards the interests of members of one species and against the members of other species. Some experts argue that fighting speciesism in our society is to extend struggles for human equality and human morality. It is clear that if human beings have negative attitude to other human beings on the basis of their race, ethnicity or sex, the issue concerning the role of animals in today’s society becomes more significant, because animals are below human beings. It is possible to conclude that racism, sexism and speciesism, are true examples of the so called “exclusionary attitudes” (Appleton, 2006:1).

Richard Ryder, as an animal advocate, writes in his article In The Political Animal: The Conquest of Speciesism that Aristotle thought that animals exist in this world for the sake of men who also look down on women and slaves. According to Richard Ryder, “either you are a caring person who recognizes the value of other beings, or you are selfish and care only for yourself”(Appleton, 2006:1). He finds a link between caring for human beings and caring for animals. It is found that the opponents of the animal rights are those people who have prejudices against homosexuals and who exhibit racial prejudice towards people of different skin color.

Besides the above mentioned advocates of animals, there is one more person who is ready to discuss this issue in his book. Tjard de Cock Buning, tries to define the nature of human-animal relations in our society. He investigates the moral values that play a key role in the relationships between human beings and animals, paying special attention to ethics and morality. According to Tjard de Cock Buning, “morality is a joint collection of norms, values, do’s and don’ts used by society” (De Jonge & Bos, 2005: 215). Of course, morality depends on a number of factors, such as historical facts, traditions and subculture, while ethics analyzes the constants in these diverse issues. However, it is impossible to find any ethical theory that will discuss human – animal relationship, because there is no such a theory. Many scientists describe either justification or lack of justification of animal use for humans.

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