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Recommendation: Ethical issue 3

In addition, the company should introduce the quality control and develop the total quality management to minimize the risk of the manufacturing products of the low quality. in fact, the quality control is essential for the solution of the problem of the poor quality of products sold by the company and deception of its customers. In fact, GN suffers from the poor quality of its products as one of the major cause of its ethical problems in relations with its customers. In such a situation, the introduction of the effective system of the quality control can help the company to minimize the risk of manufacturing of defective products or products of low quality.

In this regard, the introduction of the total quality management can be very helpful because the total quality management will lead to the overall improvement of the quality of products and services offered by the company to its customers. In addition, the total quality management refers not only to the quality of products and company-customer relations but also to internal business processes and relations within the company. The quality should become the priority for the company in all spheres of the organizational life of the company. The improvement of the quality of internal business processes and internal relations within the company will naturally lead to the improvement of the quality of products of the company. As the company starts operating better, the company can improve its production process and improve the quality of its products supplied to customers.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that GN faces a number of ethical and legal issues. First, the company sells land mines which are deadly not only for the military but also and often mainly for civilians. In addition, the sale of land mines contradicts to the international ban of using and selling land mines. Second, the company cooperates with Taliban in Afghanistan and Iran, on the one hand, and the US, on the other, that raises the problem of double standards. Thus, the company violates the Arms Export Act of 1976 that bans the sale of products to organizations and countries supporting international terrorism. Finally, the company deceives its customers and sells products of the low quality. In such a situation, the company should introduce the quality control and total quality management, refuse from selling land mines and cooperation with Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan.

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