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The Honorable Name Last Name Attorney United States Department of Justice Address (eg. Main Justice Building, Room 5137 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530) Dear Attorney Name Last Name, I am writing you to testify against my brother-in-law, S.S., whose behavior is extremely offensive in relation to my sister and her small child. I hope it would be possible to launch a legal action against him to protect my poor sister and her only child since they are absolutely defenseless in face of abusive and offensive behavior of S.S. Unfortunately, I am not fully acquainted with legal procedures and norms of the USA but I am confident of the American justice system and I believe in its ability to […]

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1. To look like a staff player at the office Put up a picture of your pet (or even a friend’s pup) in your work environment. When people look at shots of an pet dog, that they not only often presume you’re faithful, but they could also act far more loyal to you. But don’t paper the cube with canines. Studies have shown that too numerous personal shots make other folks perceive anyone as a less professional worker.2. To appear more powerful in the office structure Wear a classy all-black outfit to work, and don’t smile as often as you’re inclined. You’ll be observed as powerful and aimed. Studies have found that people in black uniforms (such as […]

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Joel Klein led the Justice Department’s attack on Microsoft for its alleged efforts to monopolize the software market. But Microsoft is a hotbed of competition compared to the organization Klein runs now. Klein is chancellor of New York City’s public school system, a monopoly so heavily regulated that sometimes it’s unable to fire even dangerous teachers.The series of steps a principal must take to dismiss an instructor is Byzantine. “It’s almost impossible,” Klein complains. The rules were well-intended. The union was worried that principals would play favorites, hiring friends and family members while firing good teachers. If public education were subject to the competition of the free market, those bureaucratic rules would be unnecessary, because parents would hold a bad […]

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American youth are “geographic illiteracy.” That is the conclusion of passes correspondent RIA News, came columnist Argentine newspaper La Da “Andres Oppenheymer article on the study conducted by the National Geographic Society survey of young people aged 18 to 24 from around the world. The author finds that three out of every five young Americans could not find on the world map Japan or France, and even more-70% – failed to show even the location of Great Britain. With regard to Afghanistan, which was shown only 17% of respondents, or Israel, Iraq and Iran, which is on the map knows only one out of every ten young people of the United States, complained in an article. Incidentally, the same number […]

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