World map through the eyes of Americans

American youth are “geographic illiteracy.” That is the conclusion of passes correspondent RIA News, came columnist Argentine newspaper La Da “Andres Oppenheymer article on the study conducted by the National Geographic Society survey of young people aged 18 to 24 from around the world.

The author finds that three out of every five young Americans could not find on the world map Japan or France, and even more-70% – failed to show even the location of Great Britain.

With regard to Afghanistan, which was shown only 17% of respondents, or Israel, Iraq and Iran, which is on the map knows only one out of every ten young people of the United States, complained in an article. Incidentally, the same number of young Americans – 11% – miserably to find United States on the map. So, according to the survey, the situation with literacy has not changed for the better over the past 14 years, although not long ago, Americans were in Afghanistan war. “But the less people know about other countries, the more difficult to understand it,” with sadness Oppenheymer comments on the situation.

The map has been drawn up based on a survey of Americans with withdrawing from the calculations.


World map through the eyes of Americans

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