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I know that your newspaper is popular in our town and I want to take part in its work and tell you my opinion connected with Kansas-Nebraska act.  I work at school and I’m a teacher of History. Due to my profession I should always operate by historical facts and now I try to show you my opinion using facts of History.

What situation is now and what was many years ago? “Specific society”ť of slavery divided America from the beginning. Along with that slavery and its abolition were a moral debt for many people and politicians, were certainly and economic factors. An agricultural economic model on a South depended on slave labor, contrasting with a production model in the North of the United states. A North model needed new infrastructure which South renounced to subsidize through a federal government.

During many years permanent stresses and compensated tension of relations in most efforts of senator Henry Clay, known as “master of compromise”ť. The so-called Compromise of Missouri is known in 1820, compromise of 1850, when an odious act, requiring to return escaping in the free states slaves, and also incomprehensible act Kansas-Nebraska, was published, 1854, which was abusive for both sides.

This act can be supported only by people who are interested in it, but for my opinion it was a political mistake and for the great regret it made our country disembodied. I don’t want to say that our government is good or bad, it is wrong notions, but I want to say that whole country is in stress and Civil war will be soon begin.

I tried to stay calm during my letter writing, but I feel pain in my heart and I want to be sure that government do all for this problem solving.

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