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The contemporary society still is vulnerable to race-related biases and stereotypes and people representing minorities still have to overcome the existing biases and stereotypes. In this respect, it is possible to refer to “Hawthorne”ť, a series where the minority nurse geared towards hospital. In fact, the series is a story of the complex career and personal development of the main character, Christina Hawthorne, who attempts to make a successful career as a health care professional (Bagdikian, 2000). At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Christina looks to be a sort of stranger in the health care environment, which is predominantly white. In such a way, the series shows the traditional health care environment, where representatives of racial minorities have inferior position compared to the whites.

On the other hand, the series shows how successful the main character is. To put it more precisely, Christina is very responsible and kind-hearted. She always attempts to help her colleagues and patients, even when her own career is at stake. It seems as if she is ready to sacrifice her career for the well-being of her colleagues or patients. Therefore, the series shows that Christina, being a representative of the racial minority, is still capable to perform her duties professionally and effectively. Moreover, she is the personification of an ideal nurse, who is ready to help patients and her colleagues and to perform her professional duties regardless of possible risks to her career that contrasts to concerns of some of her colleagues, representing the white majority, on their career and position in the hospital.

In such a way, the series shows that stereotypes related to African Americans, such as Christina are erroneous. To put it more precisely, the public is accustomed to perceived African Americans as representatives of the lower social class because they cannot afford the higher education and a successful career in the health care setting is quite challenging for representatives of the African American community (Klein, 2000). In this regard, Christina proves that she is capable to make a successful career in the health care setting but she has to overcome numerous race-related biases and stereotypes and she has to work hard to succeed in her professional development. Nevertheless, she is ready to work hard to reach her professional goals. At the same time, the series shows that she is a well-qualified professional, who is ready to help any person, regardless of his or her racial background. In such a context, “Hawthorne”ť also has some multicultural implications because the main character is the personification of the new generation of Americans, who pays no attention to the racial background of individuals but is ready to help them performing her professional duties properly.

In this regard, “Single Ladies”ť is quite different from Hawthorne”ť because, in contrast to Christina Hawthorne who strives to take the better position in the society and to make a successful professional career, the main characters of “Single Ladies”ť are well-established women, multicultural women, whose socioeconomic status is high. In fact, the main characters of the series are single women, who attempt to develop their personal life but, at the same time, they have to combine with the focus on their professional life. In such a way, women representing the middle- and upper-class of the society are the main characters of the series. At the same time, the series shows that they are quite successful in their professional life, like Val or Keisha, or that are on their way to their professional success, like April. As a result, the series implies that the professional career of the main characters affects consistently their personal life, whereas, in case of April, her professional career has had a destructive impact on her marriage.

On the other hand, the series shows the growing multicultural trend in the society. To put it more precisely, the main characters of the series represent different racial and ethnic groups but still they are quite successful and, what is more, they have good, friendly relationships. Therefore, the series shows that there are no racial barriers, biases, or prejudices, which can prevent the main characters from the close friendship and positive interpersonal relationships. In such a way, the racial background does not matter for the main characters and they maintain positive interpersonal relationships and are friends, regardless of differences in their racial background. At the same time, the main characters are quite successful that proves the growing trend to multiculturalism in the contemporary society because people can be successful in the contemporary society, regardless of their racial background. At this point, it is important to take into consideration the fact that the main characters of the series have to overcome not only racial but also gender-related biases but, as the series shows, they do not have substantial troubles in their professional development. Consequently, the contemporary society depicted in “Single Ladies”ť is the multicultural society, where the racial background of an individual does not matter and people can be successful regardless of their race.

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