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I have been playing soccer since I was a child and I am sure that my life has changed from the first days of my training. No doubt at first it was just a hobby or even a habit, but after a number of years I have come to understanding that this kind of sport has become the integral part of my being. I tried to act according to a brilliant Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius!”ť or how it is presented in English “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”ť. All kinds of sport are the way of healthy life and keeping fit and I have chosen soccer. Now being physically active, having excellent sport shape I understand more deeply the sayings “Sound mind in a sound body”ť, “Health is better than the best medicine”ť. Hard work, persistence, bright goal, thirst for great achievements and victory developed the firm core in my personality that helps me in out-of-sport life. Having changed in my family’s and friend’s opinion, I earn not only broad attention but simple respect and I am proud of it. Such feelings and traits developed great responsibility in me, because it is rather hard to imagine and sense how it is to put in a spot my dearest and nearest, as generally speaking all my achievements are dedicated to them.

In such a way I can say that soccer has influenced my life for the better. And I hope that my example and fount of eloquence will make the people think over and make the right decision in the direction of sports or even soccer. Moreover soccer is a great future trend in life!

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