A Woman’s discovery on the example of the Poem Diving into the Wreck

Adrienne Rich is a bright representative of the feminist movement of the 1960s. In her poem Diving into the Wreck she presents a great example of the perfect poetry and at the same time expresses her social and political position. The most meaningful stylistic device in the poem, which helps to deliver implicit sense of the poem, is an expanded metaphor. Under the ocean and journey we should understand the main protagonist’s way through struggle and fight to the depth of the earth. She is alone in her journey, although she is sure that this journey has already been made before her and it makes her more confident: “The sea is not a question of power, I have to learn alone to turn my body without force in the deep element” (Rich). The wreck symbolizes oppression of women which had existed for centuries.

Rich explores gender roles which prevail in our man-dominated or patriarchal society. However, she sees a possible way out: only returning to the roots of our civilization when the gender difference between the man and the woman was not strictly defined the today’s situation can be changed and improved: “I came to explore the wreck”¦ the damage that was done and the treasures that prevail”¦ I am she: I am he” (Rich). In such a way we will create an ideal world on the earth without gender discrimination and inequality, in which everything will be different “And besides/ you breathe differently down here” (Rich).

Rich’s protagonist comes further and further on her way of self-discovery. Now she is not frightened, she is self-confident and has a strong willing to continue her journey deep to the roots of feminism, relations and feelings: I came to explore the wreck. The words are purposes.

The words are maps. I came to see the damage that was done and the treasures that prevail” (Rich). She is ready for any results of her discovery: either positive or negative and nothing can stop her in this journey.

In her poem Diving into the Wreck Rich arouses such themes as our emotions, memories, search for ourselves, relations and journey during our life. She explores them in a unique way using vivid images and interesting form of the poem. In her long and mysterious journey she explores feminism and status of women in the society from different sides.

The feminist issue shines as a sunlight for us and it makes this message even more important. Rich makes a long journey of her self-discovery diving under the water and returning to her memory which can remind us a shipwreck. Under the water Rich creates an ideal world of equal relations and she longs to transfer this world to the unfair reality. In that world feminism becomes a part of the life and women have another status. However, the author still reminds us about inequality between men and women because at the end of her trip she discovers that they have different aims and functions and cannot act equally.

To sum up, in her poem Adrienne Rich Diving into the Wreck shows how to reach the roots of our civilization in order to solve discrimination problem forever. This journey is long and even frightening but it can help open a new vision of the feminism issue.

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