Accounting Class Essay

Since the times when people learned to buy and to sell and since they invented money for these needs, money, actually the usage of it has become one of the really important concerns of people. It is clear that as time passed a number of professions was developed in order to manage money problems. Actually all children start learning the basic notions of mathematics at schools already, as when they grow up they will need at any rate to deal with money and finance, at least of their family. Those who are supposed to deal with financial problems of others and of big companies should be certainly specially trained and educated.

Nowadays the computer technologies are rapidly developed and really a lot in accounting and other spheres of life can be done with the help of computer programs, but still there are things that are to be done manually, and still all this software won’t work without man’s interference, and even people using the programs should have the clear idea of the structure and the principles of accounting system, the way it operates and the ways to solve the potential problems in its functioning.

It is clear that a person who starts a new business can just hire an accountant and have little to do with finance, but it would be easier and better for him to have at least an idea about the general points of financial side of his business, otherwise he is put at risk or at least can never be completely sure that everything is going right with his business.

These examples were used in order to support the fact that learning accounting is important for all people, who want to be well educated. It is really hard to describe the course of accounting we are going to take, but I certainly have some assumptions and expectations about the content of the course.

I do not know the exact definition of accounting yet, but I would try to form it like the following: accounting ”“ this is analyzing and reporting the financial information, including dealing with financial papers and calculations, providing some kind of reports for financial organizations and controlling the process of money circulation. I would like to learn all this during my accounting course.

I know that bookkeeping has actually nothing to do with libraries, it is also a financial branch. I heard a phrase that accounting and bookkeeping is the same as a mother and a son, so this is a kind of subdivision of accounting. As I understand these two things are closely connected and still have some certain differences, which are to be understood and remembered.

Also I think that it would be really important to learn the special terms of accounting, which are commonly used in the financial and business spheres of life.  Without understanding and using these terms that would be not easy to build some business relations or your own business. Like for example they say that misunderstanding of the terms: debit and credit  – is the greatest misunderstanding in the world’s accounting system.

Overall, I hope this course would be both interesting and useful for me.

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