Admission Personal Statement essay

Education is very important for me since it helps me realize my internal potential and find my own way in my life. At the same time, it is often quite difficult to choose from a variety of fields the one, where you could be the most successful or which could be the most interesting for you. As for me, I have not got any significant difficulties with such a choice since I have been always interested in forensic psychology because I think it perfectly matches my character and my inclinations. At any rate, now I can definitely say that forensic psychology is what I am really interested in and this is the field where I hope to succeed.

At the same time, I perfectly understand that forensic psychology is a very complicated science where a profound knowledge of the subject is not always sufficient. In this respect, I hope my personal qualities and characteristics. To put it more precisely, I am quite resourceful and I do not think that there could be any problems in my life or work I would not be able to cope with. Moreover, difficulties and mysteries are even interesting for me because I can train my logic and implement my resourcefulness. Frankly speaking, I always liked to find answers to questions, which made other people puzzled. In fact, I am quite enthusiastic in problem solving.

On the other hand, I know that in the process of problem solving there should exist some limits real professionals cannot trespass. In fact, I do not like to push on other people and act too directly. Instead, I prefer more diplomatic ways to the resolution of problems and I think this is a very important and useful quality, because a diplomatic approach to the problem solving may assist considerably in my professional work as a forensic psychologist.

Moreover, each individual is unique and to understand his/her actions, motives and behavior you need to carefully study his/her personality and, in this regard, you cannot be too insisting.

However, I should confess that I have a problem here since it is quite difficult to me to lie or, to put it more precisely, not to tell the truth to a person for I am too honest and cannot afford hypocrisy. I think this may prevent me from the effective implementation of my professional skills and knowledge which I hope to acquire while learning forensic psychology. In addition, I have some problems with language proficiency since English is not my native language.

Hence, sometimes I have some problems in adequate interpretation of the information I learn in the process of verbal communication with other people.

Nevertheless, these problems do not seem irresolvable for me since I am a quick starter and I learn quickly that is probably the most important in the contemporary world. At any rate, I have never had any problems with learning and I always succeeded in my education. This is why my ability to learn and work hard will help me overcome those problems I have at the moment. Frankly speaking, I am really sure that my strife for learning and conscientious approach to everything I do will help me succeed in the field of forensic psychology. In fact, I believe that a person can meet any goal he/she wants if he/she is motivated and resourceful enough.

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