Admission Sample Essay

Taking into consideration the importance of education and the lack of educational opportunities for many children, especially in developing countries, the creation of a vocational training institute would be a very useful alternative profession, which could be socially meaningful. The institute should provide training to young children in India who drop out of school and cannot explore their potential to increase their competitiveness in the labor market in the adulthood.

Nowadays the lack of education and educational opportunities is one of the main challenges that widens the gap between rich and poor that leads to social inequality and numerous conflicts within the society. The roots of the problem of low educational opportunities may be found in families and existing educational system. Parents are often unable to understand the significance of education and do not even attempt to educate their children, while the educational system tends to elitism depriving children from lower classes equal opportunities to receive higher education, if any at all.

In this situation, the institute could provide multidisciplinary education of children developing important skills as electrical/electronics repairing, automobile repairing, and computer graphic designing. The postgraduate support of student is also very important and should target the assistance to students in the development of their own business, through consultations and recommendations given to students by their mentors. Ideally, the institute will contribute to the appearance of capable and energetic students, which could be the basis of the future society, its leaders. With the help of these capable students, communities will be able to overcome their backwardness through the organization of the more effective system of education and training of children on the local level and the students that once have graduated from the institute may become mentors and guide their own students. Eventually, the creation of such an educational network will improve the situation in India enlarging educational opportunities.

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