Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs

On comparing both programs, the Veterans Rehabilitation ”“ Alcohol and Drug Dependence and the Victory Fellowship, it should be pointed out that the latter is a program developed by a religious agency, while the former is a government-supported program. At the same time, the eligibility to the government- supported program, the Veterans Rehabilitation ”“ Alcohol and Drug Dependence, restricts consistently the participation of people suffering from drug addiction. To put it more precisely, the program admits the involvement of people depending on their past service in the US military, naval or air services, while all the other drug addicts cannot count for the participation in this program. Moreover, even veteran’s eligibility is limited by the condition that veterans can participate in the program if only they were not discharged with dishonor. In this respect, the program of the Victory Fellowship is more open since it is available to all drug addicts who actually want to change their life style and return to the normal social life.

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