Analysis Report essay

Today, the problem of unemployment is one of the major problems of the socioeconomic development of the US. In actuality, unemployment as one of the most negative effects of the economic recession, which puts under a threat the further economic development. At the same time, the unemployment rate does not always mirror the actual situation in the economy and labor market. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the article “Unemployment: Worse than It Looks”ť by M. Herbst, which reveals dark sides of unemployment.

To put it more precisely, the author researches the problem of unemployment referring to the example of the US.

The author points out that the unemployment rate uncovers only a part of the truth about the unemployment. In fact, the problem of unemployment turns out to be broader than the problem of the shortage of job places for people enrolled in the list of unemployed. Instead, the author stresses that the unemployment may be hidden and it is sometimes difficult to uncover the true situation in the labor market. For instance, many people do part time jobs, especially in the time of the economic recession. Nevertheless, people doing the part time job cannot afford the high standards of living and they can hardly live at the normal socioeconomic level. As a result, the author stresses that the unemployment is a complex and serious problem that cannot be solved by means of the reduction of the unemployment rate solely.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the unemployment is a complex problem but the author of the article does not analyze in details possible ways of solution of the problem of employment that makes the article a bit incomplete.

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