“Anthony and Cleopatra” by William Shakespeare essay

Famous tragedy Anthony and Cleopatra was written by William Shakespeare in 1607. This work is about one of the most famous lovers in the world, Anthony and Cleopatra. They were in love with each other but most they loved power. It was the main aim in their lives. In this work I try to represent the opinion of the secondary hero, Enobarbus.

Today Agripp and Mecenatus asked me about Cleopatra. What could I say? She is wonderful; time hasn’t power over this woman. She always created new and new ways of pleasures. She can’t bother. But she has two great passions: Love and Power. And I think she finds them in Anthony’s personality and his passion. Cleopatra has a wonderful influence on him. And sometimes I don’t understand how does she do it?

Cleopatra is able to surprise Anthony and she doesn’t get tired to do it. She has made unbelievable: she conquers the great hero and warrior and compels him to surrender without any resistance. He presented her the richest regions Crete and Killikiya which belonged to Rome.

Cleopatra has two especial features: passion for Love and passion for Power (I never get tired to say that) and she can combine them. That’s the cleverest and most successful strategy I’ve ever seen.

Menus was right. Anthony will never be happy with his new wife. Yes, Octavia has wonderful temper and each man would be happy to get marry with her, but not Anthony. He as usual wants the Egyptian dish, the most pungent dish with bitter after-taste.

Cleopatra is a wonderful woman and I try to understand Anthony’s feelings. But sometimes I feel that all of us are under the women’s rule. I can’t submit this fact. He always does what she wants. He forgets the man pride.

I think war with Octavius is unavoidable. The world like two dog jaws each of them is ready to devour the other.

Octavius is very judicious, cool and prudent person. He is a real politician and strategist. Politic power is everything for him and he is ready to play till the end. He gave his sister in marriage to Anthony to make a piece between them, but as I can see it doesn’t help. I think he has never fallen in love, and I doubt that one day he will be able to stake his life, reputation and his authority. His only real love is Power. May be Cleopatra will be able to tempt Octavius but I don’t think that it will help her.

Sometimes I wonder how such different people like Octavius and Anthony can be related and work together.

Octavius gave him a lot of opportunities to come back and become an exemplary husband, warrior and citizen of Rome. But all his wishes are only for Egypt. He said that he got married only for peace and his love and soul are always with Cleopatra Truly Love and Authority together is the strongest power in the world.


Lovers were ruined by superfluous self-confidence and loss of vigilance. Accustomed to live in pleasure, without knowing a refuse, they languidly enough reacted on a threat, coming from Rome.

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