Anthony and Cleopatra essay

Famous tragedy “Anthony and Cleopatra” was written by William Shakespeare in 1607. This work is told us about one the most famous lovers in the world, Anthony and Cleopatra. They were fool of love not only for each other, most they loved power. It was the main aim in their lives. In this work I try to represent the point of view of the secondary hero Enobarbus.

”¦Today Agripp and Mecenatus asked me about Cleopatra. What could I say? She is wonderful; time hasn’t power over this woman. She always created new and new ways of pleasures. She can’t bother. But she has two great passions: Love and Power. And I think she found them in Anthony’s personality and his passion. Cleopatra has a wonderful influence on him. And sometimes I don’t understand how does she do it?

Cleopatra can surprise Anthony and she doesn’t get tired to do it. She has made unbelievable: she conquers the great hero and warrior and compels him to “surrender” without any resistance. He presented her the reaches regions Crete and Killikiya, which belonged to Rome.

Cleopatra has two especial features: passion for Love and passion for Power (I never get tired to say that) and she can combine them. That’s the cleverest and most successful strategy I’ve ever seen.

For the Anthony subdue Cleopatra did not make a mistake in her choice. Her appearance was such magnificent! In reply to invitation of triumvir she answered her own. At the appointed time Anthony arrived in a palace, decorated with an unusual luxury. A feast was magnificent. Anthony, once presenting with a house the cook for the well prepared dish, ready was to present the Cleopatra’s cook the whole city; and her ”“ the whole world. Now he crept at her feet, not reminiscing that he tried to humiliate her.

But Cleopatra loves only winners. After the failure fight on the 2nd of September Anthony accused her in it. When the queen was reconciled with Anthony, hoping to soften Oktavianus, Cleopatra secretly from her lover sent a messenger with generous presents – in fact Oktavianus was the winner. She loved Anthony while he was a hero, winner and she is anymore interested by Oktavianus.  Besides messenger, in public revealed to the queen that Oktavianus is in love in her for a long time and ready to do everything, that he will wish. Cleopatra is rescued, and Anthony let cares of himself.

Burying Anthony Cleopatra passed to the palace, where it was surrounded with king’s honours. The Cleopatra’s attempt to agree with a winner ended a failure. Oktavianus, who known the numerous love adventures, Cleopatra’s charms were not conceived by actions. Knowing that Oktavianus wants to conduct her as a slave girl in chains after the triumphal chariot, a Cleopatra decided to finish living by suicide. An output was not because she did not know pity to losing, it did not have pity and to herself. Losing all must go away deservingly.

Lovers were ruined by superfluous self-confidence and loss of vigilance. Accustomed to live in the pleasure, in anything not knowing a refuse, they languidly enough reacted on a threat, coming from Rome.

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