Appplication essay paper

The decision to apply to Boston University was very important for me because I understood that the choice of the University could have influenced not only my further education but also my professional career as well. This is why, on analyzing reasons and factors that influenced my choice, I should say that it was rather several factors that defined my decision. At the same time, I should say that one of the most significant factors that influenced my decision to apply to Boston University was the information I had on Boston University, which I received from a friend of mine.

In actuality, I make decisions on the basis of rational analysis of possible benefits and consequences of decisions I am going to take. In this respect, I took the decision to apply to Boston University on profound reflection concerning my future prospects, but, what was even more important for me, was the educational process itself and the environment where I was going to study and live in. In such a situation, a friend of mine influenced consistently my decision because he had an extensive experience of studying at Boston University for he had been the student at this university for two years. The opinion of my friend was very important because we had known each other since childhood and, therefore, I was confident in his judgments about the university. I learned from my friend that at Boston University I can have ample opportunities to learn successfully due to the significant scientific potential of the University and highly professional personnel.

Hence, I decided to apply to Boston University since I am convinced that I will have a possibility to learn and participate in University activities and I will get a solid basis for my future career.

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