Are students eating healthy food ? sample essay

Are students eating healthy food contributing to reactionary changes within the hospitality industry?

It goes without saying that students are the most energetic and active part of the whole population. Students are everywhere: at the institutes and universities, in the libraries, at different parties, concerts, discos etc. And of course they spend much energy for all their activities. And it is obvious that the energy content must constantly be filled up because it influences much the health of people, especially students. Food is the main source of this fulfillment.

Healthy food means our good health.

Recently students began to pay more attention to their health and, therefore, they prefer healthy food. As it was previously said, our health depends much on the food we eat. Health is a priceless property not only of a single person but also of the whole society. At meetings, parting with relatives and dear people we wish them good and strong health because it is the basic condition and guarantee of full-fledged and happy life. Health helps in studies to fulfill the assigned tasks, to solve successfully the basic vital tasks, surmount obstacles, and if it is necessary, considerable overloads. A good health, reasonably saveable and strengthened by a man, provides him a long and active life.

How perfect the medicine would be, it can not save everybody from all the illnesses. A person is a creator of his health for which it is necessary to fight.

Health is the first and major necessity of a man, defining his ability to labour and providing the harmonic development of personality. It is a major pre-condition to cognition of the surrounding world, to the self-affirmation and happiness of person. An active long life is an important element of a human factor.

On determination of the Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) “health is the state of physical, spiritual and social prosperity, rather than just absence of illnesses and physical defects”.

A healthy and spiritually developed person is happy; he feels fine, gets satisfaction from the work, and aspires to self-perfection, arriving at never fading youth of spirit and internal beauty.

Students understand perfectly well that health by itself is nothing without maintenance, without diagnostics of health, means of its sulltying and practice of supplying of health. To the most essential means of health provision we can refer a correct rational nutrition.

Food is one of the major factors of environment, rendering influence on the state of health, capacity, mental and physical development, and also on the life-span of a man.

Relationship of feed and health was noticed yet in antiquity. People saw that because of the wrong feed children grew up and developed bad, adults were ill, got tired quickly, worked bad and perished.

In the XVII-th century the admiral of the English fleet George Anson in battles with the Spanish flotilla did not lose any soldier, but from the scurvy blazed up on ships 800 persons from 1000 perished. Absence of vitamins in food appeared to be stronger and more dangerous than the weapon of the enemies.

Nutrition is the vital necessity of people, including students. At present the understanding that food renders a considerable influence on a man notedly increases. It gives energy, force, development, and at its competent use – health. It is possible to assert with a certain confidence that the health of a man on 70% depends nutrition. Food is frequently a basic source of most diseases, however with its help it is possible to be delivered from long-term ailments. How seductive the palette of foods and finished products would be, but the problems, related to the production of food, which were generated by modern civilization are great. The heightened content of cholesterol in blood, obesity, caries, diabetes, fatty metabolic disturbance, high blood pressure, locks, heightened content of urinary acid in blood or gout ”“ here is the incomplete list of the so-called “illnesses of civilization”, caused by the wrong nutrition. By means of healthy nutrition and healthy way of life (to go in for sports, to avoid stress situations, leave off smoking) it is possible:

-              to warn possible diseases;

-              to save health and attractive appearance;

-              to remain slender and young-looking;

-              to be physically and spiritually active.

And in general, what is healthy nutrition? It is:

-              variety of foods;

-              balanceration;

-              deliciously;

-              inexpensively;

-              useful to all.

Students remember two basic laws of feed, breach of which is dangerous for a health.

The first law is equilibrium of the got and expended energy. If the organism gets energies more than expends, id est if we get more food than it is necessary for the normal development of a man, for work and good feel, – we put on weight. Now more than the third of our country, including children, have superfluous weight. And one reason is a supernutrition, that in the total results in atherosclerosis, ischemic heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, a number of other ailments.

Not each of us knows that it is needed to learn the culture of reasonable consumption, to hold back from temptation to take the piece of delicious product, giving the superfluous calories, or bringing in a disbalance. The organism of a man expends energy not only in the period of physical activity (during work, employments by sport of and other) but also in the state of a relative rest (during sleep, rest lying), when energy is used for maintenance of physiological functions of the organism – maintenance of the stationary temperature of body. It is set up that a healthy man of middle age at normal mass of body expends 7 kilo-calories in an hour on every kilogram of mass of his body.

In any natural system of nutrition the first rule must be: Eating only at a feeling of hunger.

 –  Refuse from eating at pains, mental and physical indispositions, at fever and heightened temperature of body.

– Refuse from eating just before sleeping, and also before and after the thoughtful piece of work, physical or mental.

It is very important to have a spare time for the intestinal uptake. The point of view, that physical exercises after taking meal assist digestion is a flagrant error.

Eating must consist of the mixed foods, being sources of albumens, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral matters. Only in this case it is succeeded to attain the balanced correlation of food matters and irreplaceable factors of nutrition, provide not only the high level of overcooking and suction of food matters but also their transporting to fabrics and cages, their complete digestion at the level of cell.

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