Argumentative essay on Modern technology

In the current essay we will review the modern technology. Some people think that a country’s government should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology. However, other people disagree and think that this money should be spent on more basic needs. Personally I think that everything should be in balance, and the investments of the government as well. I presume that the money that are regularly spent on the newest technologies by government have to be spent on more basic needs.
I think that there are many issues and problems that require solution, and that it true that much money is spent on the technologies. This happens because the technology is the future of humanity and it has to be developed and implemented as quickly as possible. My experience shows that technology helps people to live better. However, sometimes, there are sufficient technologies and level of service, but still government spends more and more money on the newest possibilities and technologies, considering the common knowledge. Each government is aimed to have the newest technologies, forgetting about the other needs. I think it is wrong. I hope that in future the situation will be more transparent and there will be more equilibrium with the finances, because many spheres are in need too.
Investments in technology will help to boost the economy, to create new jobs and opportunities for people. However, still many people think that investing in technology I not a priority, as there should be made considerable investments in the social sphere. These investments are needed and useful for the society, and probably they are needed more than the newest technologies.
“If we do not value people, what do we value? Have we not seen what happens when our public sectors suffer extreme cuts? Unemployment rises, communities are devastated and self-esteem evaporates – and not just in the short-term. The effects can be felt for generations. When markets fail the invisible hand of Government must step in”, according to We Must Invest in People and Public Services, Warns Archbishop,
Anyway, technology is considered an indispensable part of the society and it should be valued. Of course there should be limits of the usage of technology and sometimes frequent updates are not necessary. Distribution of funds has to be in equilibrium and people have to get their part that is necessary for them.
Government has to see the possibilities and the needs of people, and to think about the future of people, not only about the technology and the possible outcomes. There are many challenges and problems that people face, and they do not depend on technology. These issues are basic, and, as a rule, they have simple solutions. It is just about the government to pay attention and to solve the problem quickly. It is essential to note that often, the investments in technology are not justified and often they are just not necessary. This way, government has to take people’s opinion into consideration and take certain actions.
All in all, I think that the issue is rather contradictive and there are many advantages and disadvantages of the constant investments in the newest technologies. However, I think that government has to invest more money in the spheres in need, because there are too much problems in these spheres. It should be noted that people’s opinion has to be taken into consideration and people expect positive changes.

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