Argumentative Essay


Argumentative Essay ”“ it is a work that gives opportunity to research a problem or any other situation from different points of view. To develop skills of some actual position is an aim of such an essay.

Teacher, before offering the students to write a persuasive essay, should familiarize them with the basic provisions of its four main parts: introduction, presentation of the thesis, the expectations and the withdrawal of objections.

In the preparation of the necessary preliminary to determine: what information to include on whom to refer, how to interpret the facts, and what kind of methodology to choose.

In the introduction we may use two things:

1. Introductory statement (introduction to the topic, its basis, the purpose of research) using wide known methods (an interesting statement, an unusual quote, surprising statistics, etc.)

2. Thesis assertion, which, in essence, the position which will substantiate. (In this case to indicate which side and to what extent the arguments required).

Thesis’s presentation is the main section of the argumentative essay. It sets out the facts in favor of the elected position. One of the most common approaches is a statement and further testimony as acquittal. You can first give a list of facts and then conclude a consequence of application.

Let us talk about waiting for an objection. I think thesis statement will be convincing if the arguments to consider the opposite statement, giving it a critical analysis. Next, offer a compromise in some way losing the opposite opinion.

A little about conclusion: this part of the essay needs to show the reasonableness and validity of the chosen position.

To achieve this goal in the final part of the essay should be such a part of writing work, which:

1. Summarizes the main points of the statement of evidence and examples;

2. Restates the thesis in order to its value (you can repeat verbatim the wording either rephrased);

3. Discusses the prospect of the main thesis;

4. Shows the practical significance;

5. Raises questions that will help us look at the topic from a new point of view.

The art of good argumentation is not only in showing of powerful writing skills. Many people think that if someone has an opinion and can successfully prove it using value facts, than it is all, nothing more needs for essay of such type. But writing arguments is the act of forming reasons, act of making inductions and drawing conclusions. It is a very hard and careful work.

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