Art History Essay

1) The first time I visited a museum I was really impressed because I felt as if I visited a different world I had never seen before. At the same time, I did not really expect that the visit of a museum would produce a strong impression on me, but as I saw the exhibits I had started to feel certain excitement. It was practically unimaginable that I could saw objects which were created decades or even hundreds of years ago by people who lived in an absolutely different epoch and in a different world. On the other hand, I realized that it was a part of my own history as those were people were just like me and the only difference was the time that separated us.

2) I thought this feeling was provoked by my first visit of the museum, but frankly speaking even I cannot help from having the strange feeling of unity with those people from the past, as if I am their direct descendant. However, I should admit the fact that my feelings and impressions grow weaker in the course of time and I am afraid that sooner or later I will be bothered to go to museums if nothing is changed there. I believe that visiting a museum where everything remains practically unchanged makes the history as routine and casual as our daily life.


Part 2

3)  Basically, both quotes are similar since they convey the similar idea and the similar feelings of Marie-Henrie Beyle and Helen Keller. It should be said that both express a kind of fascination of their visit of a museum whether they can enjoy observing and even touching objects of art. However, the latter seems to be rather metaphoric than real and express the desire of Beyle and Keller to touch the objects of art and join them in such a way, to become a part of these objects of art. This is what makes these quotes a bit unrealistic since both Beyle and Keller seem to be too excited and it seems as if it is not the museum or the art that actually attracts or makes them feel so excited, but it is rather their own fantasy, their imagination that defines their fascination and excitement.

Nevertheless, it is quite noteworthy that those people really enjoyed visiting museum and what makes their quotes really similar is their admiration with art. In fact, it proves beyond a doubt that they are real connoisseurs of art and they highly appreciate every moment they can see it.

4) These two quotes, on the contrary, express the negative feelings of Pablo Picasso and Exene Cervenka. They are apparently dissatisfied with museums and exhibitions. However, it seems as if they stand on different positions. To put it more precisely, Picasso is rather contemptuous in relation to museums in its present form, while Cervenka rather argues that museums lays emphasis on a wrong thing. In fact, Cervenka argues that museums underline the meaning, while, instead, it would be better to concentrate the attention on the power, which is hidden in exhibits and which museums do not use and do not convey to the audience. As for Picasso, he absolutely skeptical about museums and he definitely does not see any perspectives of positive changes in museums.

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