Assessing Marketing Opportunities Essay

The development of an effective marketing strategy is a key factor which determines a commercial success of any company in the contemporary business environment. In actuality, the role of strategic marketing can hardly be underestimated because companies need to develop strategic plans of their development, taking into consideration their ultimate goals and changeable need and interests of customers. In such a context, the introduction of new products can inevitably encounter considerable problems if a company fails to develop an effective marketing strategy of the introduction, positioning and promotion of the new product. At this point, it is possible to focus on the introduction of the organic milk as a new product which can be successfully introduced on the basis of an effective marketing strategy.

In fact, the development of an effective marketing strategy begins from the market analysis. What is meant here is the fact that, primarily, a company introducing such a product as organic milk should research whether customers do need this product, or probably the supplies of conventional milk fully meet the current needs and expectations of customers. In this respect, it is necessary to underline the growing customers’ concerns with their health and products they consume regularly. It proves beyond a doubt that organic milk, being a relatively new product in the market, has consistent advantages compared to conventional milk, which can make organic milk particularly popular among customers who take care of their health.

The strategic advantage of the organic milk the company should definitely use in its promotional campaign is the fact that organic milk is produced without the use of any supplements and elements which can expose customers to potential threats. What is meant here is the fact that conventional milk is produced on the basis of conventional cattle farms, where cows can receive nutritional supplements as well as hormones which accelerate their growth and stimulate milk production. In addition, antibiotics are widely used on conventional cattle farm and, therefore, the milk produced on the basis of conventional cattle farms cannot be absolutely safe to human health and, in a long run, hormones and antibiotics used at cattle farms can influence the health of consumers.

In this respect, organic milk is absolutely safe because neither hormones nor antibiotics nor other artificial elements are used. Therefore, organic milk is truly natural milk and customer can appreciate its different, better taste as well as its absolute safety. This idea should be the backbone of the marketing strategy and promotional campaign of the company producing organic milk. In addition, the company needs to reach its target customer groups. This means that the company should advertise its products aiming at the audience which needs milk. Primarily, it is parents who have small children and who need absolutely safe milk.

In such a way, through the orientation on a specific customer group and using the full advantage of organic milk over conventional milk, the company can take a larger share of the milk market replacing companies producing conventional milk. At the same time, the company should pay a particular attention to its promotional campaign in order to reveal the full potential of the product introduced in the market.

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