Audience Analysis Essay

Effective communication is inherent in any business role and it is an essence of my profession. I want to mention that exactly for sales person communication is very important and this importance is caused by the interaction requirements and by the great necessity to persuade. I think the first and important communication step to prepare an effective speech is audience analysis. In my opinion knowledge about the general characteristic of my audience will help me in my speech preparing. We know that there are many different ways of speaking with different people and these ways require the appropriate approach, vocabulary, structure, tone of voice, and certain depth of content.

The following audience analysis paper will define the characteristics of the audience that a salesperson really must think over when preparing and presenting a quarterly sales information meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. As we see from above stated information my audience will be diverse in age, opinion and career objectives. We will talk about the appropriate communication channels for this category of people and for this meeting and what are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience in the meeting. The last point of our research will include information how a salesperson ensures that the message is effective to the group attending the meeting.

Let’s define the term “audience analysis” that will help us to avoid dual understanding of these words. Audience analysis is a special technique which a speaker uses to determine the characteristics of listeners. I think that audience analysis is a key to success and in acknowledgement of my words I have the next statement from “As speakers we all know the importance of properly preparing our material far enough in advance so we may have sufficient time to rehearse and “fine-tune” our speeches. Unfortunately, this is not enough to assure that your speech or presentation is well received. Your speech preparation must also include gathering information about your audience and their needs. A well prepared speech given to the wrong audience can have the same effect as a poorly prepared speech given to the correct audience. They both can fail terribly.

It is critical that your preparation efforts include some amount of audience analysis. The more you know and understand about your audience and their needs, the better you can prepare your speech to assure that you meet their needs.” Based on the previous words the salesperson may want to discuss various sections specifically pertaining to the corresponding audiences when conducting a presentation of quarterly sales information to more than one audience or to diversity audience like in our case. It will be the kind of face to face presentation that is common in business world and sales area. I want to notice that face to face presentations commonly imply speaking to a large group of people with different interests and goals. I think that using visual demonstrations will make the presentation of quarterly sales information more effective and it might include spreadsheets, showing graphs, tables and power point presentations to the certain group of people from a company that has investments in the company.

In this paragraph I want to have a look at he appropriate channels of communication because one of the most important considerations with this question based on the statement that it allows the salesperson giving the presentation of quarterly sales information to adapt this information to the audiences needs. In acknowledgement of my words I want to mention that if the people from the company are the stakeholders that’s mean that they need more depth content of information and on the assumption of their business role the presentation would be different that if the information or products were being presented to customers, managers or salespeople. The stakeholders are more qualified in business questions and they need information how quarterly sales charts will help production in the company, specifically in terms of financial consideration or profit. The other groups of audience also have own targets relative to this meeting and their interests should be satisfied too, because they have own plans to receive specific information attending this meeting.

The last point of my paper contains in how a salesperson ensures that the message is effective to the group attending the meeting. I think that it will be understandable from audience reactions and answers on the simple questions will help to understand it much better. There some of them: Will the audience react positively or negatively to the information? Will there some questions to the salesperson during his presentations? Will you meet any difficulties? It is also necessary to watch attentively after the audience reactions and immediately react on negative perception. As soon as you decide that the purpose of your presentation is attained it is necessary to complete report with a right conclusion and thank audience for their attention.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned it is possible to conclude that the audience analysis should consists from several main stages and the future presentation will be direct toward audience needs and diversity. The sales person whom is good at presentations may have several main reasons and professional secrets for being good. One important ability is consists in the knowledge of whom the audience is and how to communicate effectively to different groups of people. I think that high qualified communicators should understand and take into account the different characteristics of the audience, the appropriate communication channels and also they should seek for an opportunity to develop own skills and know main techniques that allows to ensure their messages are effective and received. Remember that the right communication is the art and a key to the listeners’ hearts.

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