Australia- China relationship essay

When it comes to relations between the two countries, people often compare it with the political or economic ties. But cultural attitudes also lead to communication and understanding, and exhibition of contemporary art in Beijing perfectly illustrates the friendship between China and Australia.

China and Australia have common interests on a wide range of issues, they are responsible for protecting regional stability and promoting common development. Currently, the general trend remains smooth development of bilateral relations. China and Australia are each other’s important trading partners will, they are holding dialogue and consultations on major issues such as international financial crisis, climate change and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region.Based on the successful development of bilateral relations with the joint efforts in recent years, Chino-Australian defense and military relations have become more mature and dynamic. There is huge potential and bright prospects for cooperation between the armies of two countries. To more effectively meet the challenges of both in the region, as well as on the entire planet, the parties must continue to strengthen contacts and mutual trust, continuously expand the content of bilateral ties and consolidate the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.

With the strengthening of an integrated state-building, China will play an increasingly important role in global and regional affairs. Australia pays special attention to contacts and cooperation with China in all fields and hopes to strengthen with a view to jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region. In addition, Australia is satisfied with the development of bilateral ties in the defense field and the relations between the two armed forces, hoping to continuously promote a stronger and deeper links between aircraft of the two states by strengthening contacts and strategic advice on high level.

Australian Prime Minister appreciated China’s development. Kevin Rudd said that in more than 30 years after the start of China’s reform and opening to the socio-economic sphere, major changes have occurred: the economy is growing very fast, the state is becoming more rich and powerful, increasing the process of industry and urbanization, China is increasingly involved in international affairs. In this process, China has also allowed the issue of ridding the 500 million people from poverty, which has no precedent in history.

Kevin Rudd announced that the Australian public university will set up a center for the Study of Education, which will make an effort to promote awareness of various circles in China and Australia will provide experts and scientists from Australia, China and other countries a platform for exchanges.

According to statistics, China’s second largest trading partner of Australia and Australia – the ninth for China. In 2007 the volume of agricultural trade between the two countries totaled 3.067 billion U.S. dollars. Australia has already become the biggest supplier of wool and barley on the Chinese market.

Since the establishment in 1972 diplomatic relations beween Australia-China bilateral friendly relations are always based on mutual trust and responsibility. Although the bilateral relations and complications also arose, however, Australia has always respected the fundamental interests of China. Long-term, stable bilateral relations should be based on common interests, and mutual benefit. The two states should deepen understanding, enhance mutual respect and become good friends who are able to establish a frank dialogue and exchanges.

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