Baroque meets Tango – 8 Seasons essay

How many people nowadays visit concerts of classical music? Unfortunately, not many of them do. Nevertheless with the beginning of summer concerts in the USA, the number of concert visitors is obviously growing. Recently a lot of people came to enjoy music, performed by Brooklyn Philharmonic in New York. The concert was held outdoors on the 12th of July. The new director for the first two concerts (July, 12, 13), Michael Christie concluded an agreement with Brooklyn Philharmonic for 3 years. His concerts are known for lively and creative performance. Brooklyn Philharmonic is deservedly considered a dynamic and respectable cultural organization of New York.

The concert in New York had off the beaten track title “Baroque meets Tango ”“ 8 Seasons”. It symbolizes the mixture of virtuous “Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi and “Four Seasons of Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazolla. This was a new take to old musical traditions, which reflected contemporary diversity of cultures.

The performance took place in the downtown Manhattan at South Street Seaport, Pier 17 at 8 p.m., and was absolutely free. Although, its usual performances are held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and ”˜The New Yorker’ wrote about them as of “the most intelectually enticing and emotionally gripping orchestral concerts in New York”.

Why was it worth visiting the concert on the 12 of July? The first reason is that they performed music of the most virtous Italian violin player Vivaldi, mostly famous for his “Four seasons” and “L’estro armonico” concerts, which spread all over Europe in his times, and are now played in the USA as well. Contemporary musicians inherited his masterly rhythm and energy, which was audible during the New York concert. It contained picturesque “portraits” of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Vivaldi, for the first time, introduced the type of concert for a violin and orchestra, and also for two and four violins. His tradition was partly realized in the Brooklyn Philarmonic concert, which consisted of an orchestra itself and a violin soilist. Vivaldi’s variations were accompanied by Piazolla, who is not as famous as Vivaldi, but gained popularity for his original musical ideas. He is often called the creator of a new style “nuevo tango”. He was an argentine dreamer, resilient to the fury of people, who didn’t like his interpretations of their national dance into his own musical fantasies.

The mixture of Vivaldi’s and Piazolla’s variations proved to be out of ordinary, owing the combination of violin and accordeon. Numerous people assembled at South Street Seaport to enjoy the performance. The concert was penetrated with virtuosity of Vivaldi and folkloric beauty, modern strain, traditional and innovated variations of Piazzolla. It proved that the musicians spoke to the next generations of people as well.

Inspiring music of glorious composers conquered hearts of millions listeners all over the world, and finally, owing Brooklyn Philharmonic, was brought to New York. The masterpieces, performed on the concert, were perfect examples of powerful music. Another thing, which made this concert significant, was the brilliance of the soloist, Lara St. John. Nowadays she is widely known for her effective technical skills in playing violin. She herself lives in New York, where most people know her as a talanted musician. Her participation made the concert more dynamic and lively. Their performance created a notable liveliness into the cultural life of the country. In present days, when classics is forced to compete with other musical trends, the concerts of Brooklyn Philarmonic had and will have a special meaning.

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