Biology essay

Today, the problem of the environment protection is a crucial problem which needs to be solved immediately.

Otherwise, the mankind will face a real threat to its survival and the prospect will be as real as it has never been before. At the same time, leading countries, such as the US ignore this problem and slow down the introduction of legal acts that can improve the current environmental situation and develop alternative sources of energy that will not only prevent the negative impact of human activities on the environment, but it will also have positive economic effects. In this respect, it is possible to refer to David Roberts’ “Natural Corn Killers”¯ and “Jump-Starting Climate Action”¯.

In fact, “Jump-Starting Climate Action”¯ raises a very important problem of the passivity, if not to say inaction, of the US government and President in regard to the problem of the global climate change. Obviously, it is vitally important to implement the Clean Air Act in order to greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of this act is determined by the dramatic deterioration of the current situation and the air pollution which leads to the disastrous effects. The global climate change is provoked by greenhouse gas emissions which increase the average temperature on the surface of the planet leading to irrevocable change of the climate. It is impossible to postpone the introduction of the Clean Air Act because it will decrease opportunities of humans to minimize their negative impact on the environment.

In this respect, David Roberts is absolutely right when he states that the bankruptcy of companies producing or working on the development of alternative sources of energy is absolutely unacceptable because alternative sources of energy can have a positive impact not only on the environment, but also on the national economy. In actuality, it is obvious that in the time of scarce resources, it is impossible to rely on fossil fuels solely. In such a situation, the unwillingness of the state to support the development of alternative sources of energy is paradoxical, because it undermines the national security and threatens to the future of the state itself since it will inevitably raise economic and social problem not a single government will be able to solve. In such a context, the development of alternative sources of energy becomes crucial because alternative sources of energy are environmentally friendly and produce no harmful effects on the nature or people. In addition, the use of alternative sources of energy can have economic benefits, but it is necessary to introduce alternative sources of energy en mass in order to maximize their economic effects. What is meant here is the fact that today the use of alternative sources of energy is rather an exception than a norm. In such a situation, the cost of the installation of solar batteries, for instance, to produce power using the energy of sun, is quite costly, though, in a long-run perspective, benefits will outweigh costs. But, in the time of crisis, people can hardly afford the costly introduction of alternative sources of energy. On the other hand, if the state supported the mass production and use of alternative sources of energy, it could reduce the costs of the introduction of technologies allowing the use of alternative sources of energy.

In such a way, the government should focus more on the problem of environment protection. Otherwise, it will face even more serious and irresolvable problems than it is facing at the moment.

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