Blues Musicians Essay

Blues was extremely popular in the 1920s ”“ 1930s. In a way, the 1920s ”“ 1930s were the Golden Age of blues music.

In this respect, it is important to dwell upon outstanding blues musicians, who worked in that time in the US, including Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Maggie Jones, Alberta Hunter, Martha Copeland, Henry Thomas, Barbecue Bob, Blind Blake, Gus Cannon, and Sam Collins.

Bessie Smith was one of the most successful female blues musicians, who started her career early and reached a tremendous success. She started her professional career in theatre, working at Broadway, and developing her musical career. She even stared in films, such as St. Louise Blues. Nevertheless, her theatrical career and career of a movie start were not as successful as her career as a musician and blues singer. Her most successful works were Downhearted Blues (1923) and Empty Bed Blues (1928). She died in 1947 in the accident.

Ma Rainey was another outstanding female blues singer, who was billed as the Mother of Blues. She started her career in her teens, when she was just 12-14. Nevertheless, due to her talent she reached a tremendous success soon and started touring nationwide. Her most outstanding works are Bo-weevil Blues (1923), Moonshine Blues (1923), See See Rider (1924) and others. In 1935 she retired and died four years later.

Maggie Jones was a successful blues singer and pianist, whose popularity reached its peak in the 1920s. She recorded thirty-eight thongs between 1923 and 1926 among which it is possible to single out Single Woman’s Blues and Undertaker’s Blues. Her songs were heart touching and gained the public acclaim. In 1934 she disappeared from the public eye.

Alberta Hunter was a popular blues singer and songwriter. She started her career in the early 1920s and revealed her talent as a blues singer. One of her first successes is closely associated with Downhearted Blues (1922). On gaining the public acclaim Alberta Hunter experimented in different genres, including jazz and she even stared in movies.

However, her success as a blues singer was the most significant. She died in 1984.

Martha Copeland was a successful blues singer, who became particularly popular in the 1920s, when she created over thirty songs within five years. Among the most successful songs, it is possible to single out Everybody Does It Now, Good Time Mama Blues, and others.

Henry Thomas was a country blues singer, who became particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s. At the same time, he did not have a lot of songs but a few he had were extremely popular in his time, including Fishin’ Blues, Bull Doze Blues, and others.

Barbecue Bob was one of the first country blues musicians, who, in spite of his short life, made a significant contribution into the development of blues. The early success came with his Mississippi Low Levee Blues. He became particularly popular in the time of Great Depression, especially with his We Sure Got Hard Times Now. He died in 1931 of a combination of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Blind Blake was an outstanding blues singer and guitarist who created over eighty songs in the late 1920s ”“ early 1930s. His most popular works were Early Morning Blues and West Coast Blues. He died in 1933.

Gus Cannon was a popular blues musician, who popularized jug bands. He began recording in 1927 with his Banjo Joe, which brought him tremendous success.

Sam Collins was a popular blues singer and guitarist. His most popular songs were Yellow Dog Blues (1927) and The Jail House Blues (1931). He died of heart disease in 1949.

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