Business Communication essay

Mr. Smith I am writing to you to inform you about my discovery of a very prospective brand, which our company can switch to improve its current marketing position and tackle problems we have at the moment. I am working in our company for seven years and I know that at the moment our company faces the most severe crisis in its recent history. In such a situation, the switch to a new brand could be an effective step that could improve the position of our company and its new product consistently.

Recently, I have seen an ad in a magazine, which promoted the Palm Centro mobile phone. The ad caught my attention and I was impressed by the brand image created by the Palm Centro. The ad compared the advanced, highly technological Palm Centro, with advanced gadgets and multiple functions, to a human palm, where a person has written done some pieces of information. In such a way, the ad shows the wide gap between those, who have no Palm Centro, and those, who have one. The comparison stresses the difference between the chaos and order, which is offered by the Palm Centro. In such a way, the ad reaches the wide audience and persuades people to buy the product.

Taking into consideration difficulties with promotion of our product which is similar to the Palm Centro and in some characteristics is superior to the Palm Centro, I would highly recommend switching to the brand of the Palm Centro that will facilitate the promotion of our product. Therefore, I expect my suggestion will be useful for our company.


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