Business written term paper

A Introduction

In actuality, Bob and Lou’s Café focuses on the expansion of its business and attempts to enhance its position in the market. At the moment, the company faces difficulties with the further successful business development because they company’s marketing strategy fails to provide the ground for the fast business development and market growth.

B The performance of Bob and Lou’s Café

1 Business profile of Bob and Lou’s Café

Mission statement of Bob and Lou’s Café is to provide customers with services of the high quality offering them snacks and drinks as well as some fast food dishes at affordable price.

SMART objectives of the company include the growth of the market share of the company by 5% in the course of the next three years. Bob and Lou’s Café aims at the rise of the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and increase of the number of loyal customers by 10% annually. The company is concerned with the improvement of the quality of its products and services to increase the customer satisfaction. The company has to improve its financial performance in the course of the following three years (See App. Table 1).

Core competences required by the café include the basic professional skills and abilities of the personnel of the company, including the communication skills to maintain the effective communication within the company and to develop positive company-customer relations. In addition, communication skills help employees of the company to increase the customer satisfaction. At the same time, employees should be able to provide services of the high quality that means that they have to serve dishes and drinks fast and to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Stakeholder analysis

Bob and Lou’s Café has a number of stakeholders. First, the major stakeholders of the company are its owners, who are interested in the positive marketing performance and further development of business.

Second, employees of the company are also interested in the positive marketing performance of Bob and Lou’s Café because the marketing success of the café provides them with the certainty in their future in the company, stable wages, and career development.

Third, managers of Bob and Lou’s Café are concerned with the further business development of the company because their future and career development depends on the successful performance of Bob and Lou’s Café. If Bob and Lou’s Café starts stumbling in its business development, managers are likely to face the threat of job cuts and drop of their income.

2 SWOT and PESTLE analysis

The SWOT analysis (See App. Table 2) helps to reveal the major strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as potential and actual threats and opportunities of Bob and Lou’s Café. In fact, the company holds a good position in the market but Bob and Lou’s Café can keep growing on the condition of the development and implementation of the effective marketing strategy.


Extensive experience of operations

Well-qualified personnel


Employees turnover

Poor quality of internal business processes


Growing competition

Under-developed company-customer relations

Lack of the quality control


Market expansion

Introduction of new products and services to take a better position in the market


The political environment is favorable for the development of Bob and Lou’s Café because local and national authorities stimulate the development of small business and encourage business activities to stimulate the economic growth in the area, where Bob and Lou’s Café operates.

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