Business Letter Essay

Dear Mr/Mrs:


I am writing to you to ask your permission to use screenshots of your product in our user manual. We would like to use your screenshots in our user manual to facilitate the instructions provided by us to users of our products and we hope on your permission since it will be beneficial for both our company and your company.


We are developing user manual for our users and we need your screenshots to show how our product actually works to ensure that our customer will have no problems with our product. At the same time, we are willing to use your screenshots because we are confident of the fact that Microsoft products are widely spread and users will have no difficulties with reading and understanding of our user manual if your screenshots will be provided as samples. At any rate, it will ensure us that customers will have an opportunity to try how our product works following our recommendations on the basis of Microsoft’s products, which we expect to show using your screenshots.


If you have no objections we would gladly accept your permission to use your screenshots in our user manual.

Although, if you have some suggestions or special concerns in regard to the use of your screenshots in our user manual or some special conditions of their use in our user manual, we would readily discuss these issues to come to agreement. We hope for our mutually beneficial cooperation and expect successful negotiations on the subject of the use of your screenshots in our user manuals.



Name Last Name.

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