Business Writing Portfolio

Part I

Business writing steps:

  • To define objectives of the writing (to explain adjustments that allow reducing working hours to save costs to combat rising gas prices)
  • To define the audience
  • To define the communication style (business letter, business memo, e-mail, etc.)
  • To list adjustments or changes which are to be introduced
  • To explain the adjustments or changes

Part II

Business letter to store managers

To store managers

We inform you that our stores are changing the schedule of work. Since now on store managers will work four ten-hour days a week. We are conscious of the inconveniences such a schedule can cause, but the company is forced to undertake such measures to prevent job cuts and maintain the stable marketing performance of our stores because the rising gas prices force to reduce working hours and optimize our schedule to retain the personnel and maintain our current marketing position. In return, all store managers will have one extra day off weekly and overpay for two extra hours they will overwork daily.

We are grateful for your cooperation.

Business memo to store employees

From: Board of Directors

To: Store employees

Subject: Change of the working hours schedule

August 12, 2009

From September 1, 2009 our stores change the schedule and all store employees will work four ten-hour days a week.

Reasons: saving costs because of rising gas prices

Employees’ benefits: an extra day off weekly, extra payment for two hours of overwork; ban of job cuts

E-mal to customers

Dear customers,

We are glad to inform you that from September 1, 2009 all our stores change the schedule for your convenience.

From September 1, you may visit our stores anytime of a day, from the early morning till the late night and we will be always glad to see you.

Part III

Business writing may differ consistently. Business memo is more formal and mainly convey only general points of the message, while business letter provides more detailed information about the message. The e-mail is more personalized and less formal.

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