Essay on Accommodating ELL Students

It is known that today many schools and classrooms in the United States have the ELL students. That is why it is very important to develop and implement the appropriate strategies that will help the ELL students to become successful learners. The following steps will help me to ensure the ELL student academic success.

  1. I will integrate technology, such as the Internet, multimedia presentations, etc. with curriculum and instruction. New technology will help the ELL students to improve their skills and abilities and facilitate the process of learning.
  2. I will provide regular assessment of students’ work.
  3. I will improve the delivery of the curriculum in the classroom through the use of effective teaching methods, such as teamwork, role playing, and other alternative approaches and methods.
  4. I will use a special program approach in which my ELL students will be taught primarily in English, “with use of their native language only on a case-by-case basis” (Johnson et al., 2005, p. 441).
  5. I will use indirect instruction strategies because the ELL students are less dependent on understanding everything the teacher says in the classroom.
  6. I will use transitional programs for my ELL students because the native language of my students can be used along with English to ensure content understanding (Johnson et al., 2005, p. 441).
  7. I will include two types of objectives in my teaching practice: language and content which will help the ELL students with helps with their language development.
  8. I will allow my ELL students to talk in the classroom  in order to develop language practices, and I will paraphrase the ELL student’s answer to Standard English models.
  9. I will use different visual aids and hands activities in order to deliver content to my ELL students.
  10. I will improve classroom management through the use of special materials, tasks, scheduling, monitoring the flow of students’ activities, and setting rules of behavior in the classroom.

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