Essay on Advanced Web Design

My professional development was always important for me because I have clear career goals and I want to achieve professional success. At the same time, my work on the project was pleasant for me because I worked in the field which was interesting for me. When my work coincides with my interests I do enjoy it and do my best to complete it successfully. Even though I have faced some challenges while working on the project, I have managed to overcome them and completed my project. My project focused on the development of the online marketing blog which I believe can be very helpful in my professional development and I expect this project keep working after the end of myeducation.

My professional goals and my current interests

In actuality, my professional goals focus on my successful accomplishment of my education and further employment in a company operating in the field of online marketing, which I am particularly interested in. As I am interested in the online marketing I decided to create a blog which is dealing with the online marketing. The blog aims at explaining what the online marketing is and how it works. In such a way, I attempt to use the blog to share my knowledge in the field of online marketing with others as well as to attract other users to cooperate with me and to elaborate more on online marketing.

Along with the online marketing, I have a lot of other interests, which may be not related directly to my professional performance, but which help me to balance my personal and professional life and, thus, help me to stay focused on my education. In this regard, I would single out travelling, going to the cinema, cooking, listening to music and watching movies and documentary. In my free time I socialise with my International friends. I like meeting new people and learning things. If I perform all these activities I feel comfortable, especially when I am around large groups of people. These activities help me to relax and to start learning and working efficiently.

My career goals in the short and medium term

In actuality, I intend to obtain my Msc in Digital Marketing. I believe online marketing is very prospective and Msc degree will help me to find a good and prospective job. At any rate, I expect to work for a company involved in the Online Marketing. In such a way, I will have an opportunity to implement my projects that I have at the moment. Online marketing is the broad field when one can develop multiple projects and implement them successfully, if the one has skills, abilities and expertise knowledge in the field of online marketing.

Modules I have achieved well during my time at university or in other extra curricular activities

I have obtained my Bsc Of Business Information Technology at University Of Salford Manchester. I believe this is my greatest achievement so far. I think my bachelor degree as an important step into my professional development. At any rate, I have made a tremendous progress before I eventually obtained my bachelor degree. I worked hard and finally I got it expanding my professional skills and abilities and acquiring extensive knowledge, especially in the field of online marketing.

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