Essay on Binge drinking

Binge drinking has a destructive impact on health of individuals because alcohol affects vitally important organs and systems. At the same time, binge drinking has negative impact on the economy of the UK. For instance, the UK economy suffers £6.4 billion losses a year and increases spending on health care. Deterioration of family relations and social exclusion of heavy drinkers are social consequences of binge drinking Binge drinking is widely spread among men and women in the UK. The UK is one of the leading positions among European countries consuming alcohol and vulnerable to binge drinking. The high level of binge drinking indicates to the extent to which the problem of binge drinking in the UK. Both men and women are vulnerable to the problem of binge drinking and many men and women cannot control their drinking habits. Binge drinking can provoke the development of alcoholism in teenagers, as they grow older. This means that teenage start consuming alcohol at the early age. Naturally, they grow accustomed to alcohol consumption, while binge drinking increases the dependence of teenagers on alcohol that may lead to the development of alcoholism in late adolescence and adulthood. Binge drinking is particularly dangerous among teenagers. Binge drinking has an extremely negative impact on health and socialization of teenagers. However, they cannot resist to external influences that force them to binge drinking. In this regard, the impact of the mainstream culture is particularly significant because teenagers tend to follow the lead of the mainstream culture, while they are incapable to resist to the impact of the mainstream culture. Teenagers believe the mainstream culture is good and follow the lead, while teenagers see adults, who tend to binge drinking and believe this trend is positive. In addition, teenagers is vulnerable to the impact of their peers, who push on them and force to consume alcohol excessively. Binge drinking is a symbol of adultness for teenagers. They believe they look like adults, if they consume alcohol. Finally, teenagers are vulnerable to the impact of mass media, which often depicts adults inclined to binge drinking, which is perceived by teenagers as a norm. Internet online sources provide personal experience of binge drinkers, such as I would have drunk pond scum, available at http://… Scientific researchers on binge drinking available online, such as Binge Drinking Nature, Prevalence and Causes. IAS Factsheet, 2012. Retrieved on April 27, 2012 from http://…  Television provides information on current problems and policies conducted by the government to prevent binge drinking, for instance, BBC News: De Castella, T. (2012). 10 Radical Solutions to Binge Drinking, BBC News. Retrieved on May 1, 2012 from http://…. or David Cameron Vows to Tackle Binge Drinking Scandal’, BBC News, 2012. Retrieved on April 27, 2012 from http://….Print media Conduct detailed evaluation of the negative impact of binge drinking on health and describe current policies conducted by the government and political debates related to binge drinking, for instance –

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