Essay on C-Charts

C-charts are very popular today and they are applied in different fields. The popularity of c-charts is the effect of the high applicability of c-charts as an effective control tool. C-charts are widely-applied to monitor and control different processes. Many organizations use c-charts to control the quality of their products and services.

One of the main fields of the application of c-charts is monitoring the number of voids per inspection unit in casting process. For instance, in the course of production, companies can manufacture defective products, which have to be identified before they are sold to customers. Otherwise, customers will suffer from malfunctioning products, while the manufacturer will have to replace or repair the product in terms of warranty claim. Hence, c-charts help to prevent such problems and enhance the quality of products and services.

Furthermore, c-charts are successfully applied to monitor the number of discreet components in the production process. In fact, many companies face the problem of the poor quality of products or services because of some discreet components that undermine the quality of products or service. For instance, c-charts can help to identify the specific part that malfunctions or is of the lower quality than expected and is used in the assembling of cars. C-charts can help to find such parts and remove or replace them in assembling process.

Finally, c-charts are used in monitoring the number of product returns per day, especially in large retail stores. In such a way, companies can trace the quality of certain products. They can identify unreliable products and refuse from them.

Thus, c-charts are widely and successfully applied in the contemporary business environment.


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