Essay on Conference and Meetings Market Trends and Drivers: Characteristics of the Delegates Attending the Event

The delegates are sales force mainly. However, the conference may also involve special delegates, such as coaches or experts in the field of car sales, who can share their experience with participants of the conference. At the same time, all delegates are vulnerable to changes in their preferences. In fact, changes in preferences of customers are very important. In this regard, the delegates of the conference are particularly concerned with environmental issues because their customers grow more and more concerned about their environment. Hence, greet technology becomes the primary concerns of customers and, therefore, of the delegates of the conference. As sales persons communicate to their customers, they naturally understand better their needs and expectations. Today, customers are concerned with their environment, while conventional cars are one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, customers expect the appearance of new cars and sales persons have to communicate this message to the car manufacturing company in the course of the conference.

Another important change is the focus on inexpensive and comfortable vehicles. As the economic situation in Europe is still uncertain, customers naturally prefer fuel-efficient vehicles which are cheaper in maintenance compared to conventional cars. Delegates are naturally concerned with this issue and they should discuss the problem of the development of fuel-efficient vehicles and their marketing.

At the same time, sales forces are expected to increase sales. The latter implies that sales forces should have the high motivation to improve their performance and to increase sale rates. In fact, motivations for attending are crucial for the successful conference management. The company-event owner expects 200 sales force attendance. Therefore, the conference should be capable to accept and to help 200 sales forces to participate in the event.

The major motivation should be the offer of innovative products that the car manufacturer can present during the conference. The European car manufacturing company should offer an innovative product to increase the interest of participants in the conference. For instance, the company can introduce a new hybrid vehicle. Naturally, sales forces understand the significance of a new, fuel-efficient, environment-friendly vehicle for their marketing and customers. Hence, they are likely to be highly motivated to attend the conference.

In addition, the conference should also involve the education program such as training seminar from a leading expert in the field of car sales. For this purpose, the conference management company should invite an expert, who has positive reputation in the car world. In such a way, delegates will be interested to attend the conference and they will be able to learn advanced experience from the expert in the field of car sales.

Furthermore, the conference should offer participants the opportunity to share their knowledge since knowledge sharing opportunity may be a strong motivator as sales forces arrive from virtually all parts of Europe and they are naturally interested in sharing their knowledge and experience to develop new approaches to customers and to their business.

Role of Logistics on Achieving the Conference Objectives

Logistics is crucial in regard to achieve the conference objectives because all participants of the conference should have no troubles with transfer, using the infrastructure and transportation during the conference and perception and sharing information they receive or are willing to share in the course of the conference.

The conference will offer participants the complete transfer from their arrival to the airport to their delivery to the hotel, where they can stay as long as the conference lasts.

In the interims of the conference, all participants will have an opportunity to make excursions throughout London, where the conference will take place. Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to visit the Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, Wembley Stadium, British Museum, and other landmarks of the city.  In this regard, outsourcing excursion services may be helpful to guarantee the full customer satisfaction.

Participants of the conference will also have access to internet via Wi-Fi and they will have an opportunity to communicate with each other and share important information any time they need. The conference will offer them a well-developed and secure network to ensure the safe and effective communication between participants of the conference.

Role of Programme Design on Achieving the Conference Objectives

The programme design should include key elements that will help to achieve the conference objectives. First, the programme should start with the elaboration of objectives of the conference, which have been already mention above. Then, each objective should get the fundamental ground. For instance, motivating objective should be grounded on the practical recommendations concerning the rise of the motivation of employees, while the best performing sales force should receive some financial reward from the European car manufacturer. Energising objective should be grounded on the communication of delegates with an expert in the field of car sales, who has already reached a tremendous success in this field. Similarly, educating objective should be grounded on the seminar with the car sales expert, who can share valuable experience and teach delegates some valuable lessons concerning car sales. Networking with participants should be grounded on the wireless network, which participants can use during the conference.

Role of Technology on Conference Planning, Marketing, Delivery and Evaluation

In actuality, technology can help consistently in terms of the conference planning, marketing, delivery and evaluation. The use of mobile applications, Wi-Fi and intranet can help to inform and motivate delegates to participate in the conference. These technologies can help the conference management company to inform the target audience in details about the conference. These technologies will help to maintain the communication with delegates during the conference. Moreover, these technologies will allow the conference management company to receive feedback from participants of the conference, when the conference is over, and evaluate the feedback to understand whether the conference was successful and what problems participants have faced during the conference.


Conclusion: Demonstration of the Value of the Conference to its Stakeholders

The conference management company should demonstrate the value of the conference to all stakeholders. All participants of the conference will receive the information on the plan of the conference and possible benefits they can gain from the participation in the conference. The information will be sent online and in the print form with visualization of all aspects of the conference. Similar conferences could have been already conducted by the rivals of the car company and sales force. Therefore, customers may be interested in the participation in the similar conference.

In addition, the conference management company could contact the European car manufacturer and make offers concerning the conference with practical advices and presentation of its achievements in the field of the event management. In such a way, the company will be able to attract a valuable customer.


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