Essay on Corruption of Dictatorship

Dictatorship is a form of government in which all the state power belongs only to one political position - the ruler (dictator), the ruling party, the ruling group, the ruling alliance or the ruling social class.

At present, the dictatorship is usually referred to as the regime of power of one person, which actions are not limited by laws and regulations, are not restrained by any social or political institutions. Dictatorial regime is usually accompanied with radical or repressive measures against political opponents and the cruel suppression or elimination of those rights and freedoms of citizens, which in any way are contrary to the position of the regime. (Ezrow 2011)

In this paper we need to consider what is dictatorship and who were the most famous dictators of the 20th century: Adolf Hitler, who has become a dictator, concentrated all power in his hands and gradually become a symbol and essence of Nazism. The history of the Fascist Party that came to power in Germany is the story of the rise of Hitler’s dictatorship. Another examples of dictatorships considered in the paper are Pinochet and Kim Il Sung. It is also necessary to consider the possible solution to the problem of dictatorship.

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