Essay on Debate Project Outline

Debate Project Outline

I Introduction today, the problem of locker searches is one of the most debatable issue. On the one hand, educators insist on the importance of locker searches to prevent crimes and offenses in schools. On the other hand, students insist on their privacy right

II Pros of locker searches

A Locker searches increase school security since locker searches can help to find weapon, drugs and other illegal items or tools with the help of which an offense may be committed

B the threat of locker searches makes students more responsible and discourages them to bring banned items

C the high effectiveness of locker searches locker searches are very effective since they help to find items fast and without long investigations that may be ineffective. For instance, in case of stealing at school, locker searches can help to find the stolen item fast.

II Contras of locker searches

A Locker searches violate the Constitutional rights of students, especially the right to privacy.

B Locker searches affect human dignity of students.

III Justification of locker searches

A The violation of students’ privacy is irrelevant existing precedents reveal the fact that courts take the side of schools

B Locker searches are a part of school policies and students should respect them. There is no offense of human dignity of students since they are warned of locker searches beforehand and all students undergo this procedure.

IV Conclusion Locker searches are essential for school security.

V References

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