Essay on Difficult Policy Challenges

Often challenges that arise in different situations may find plausible solutions when they are viewed from different perspectives. For instance, a challenge viewed from technical side solely may remain unresolved, but when organizational and cultural factors are taken into consideration, the solution to the existing problem can be found. In this respect, Porter’s approach to competitive advantage is very efficient, although sometimes this approach is difficult to apply, especially in the highly competitive environment. In fact, the competition forces many organizations to focus on the elaboration of the effective marketing strategy that allows them to take a competitive advantage. In this regard, Porter’s approach to competitive advantage helps to understand how organizations take the competitive advantage and what factors influence the competitive position of the organization. The main point of this approach is taking the niche of the market that allows the organization to use available resources with maximum effectiveness. Organizations should focus on the analysis of the marketing environment and elaborate products and services that would allow them to take the full advantage of their position, available resources and take their niche of the market.

The improvement of relations with North Korea and China may involve the use of Sach’s geographic method. In fact, countries suffer from the poverty of a large part of their population but they are poor because of difficult physical conditions. The internal problems naturally force China and North Korea to aggressive international policies. In fact, the world community should try cooperation instead of isolation of North Korea. In this regard, the example of China shows positive effects of such integration. China is the member of the WTO and its economic development is closer to capitalist one rather than to communist one.

Therefore, North Korea can also start reforms, if the country receives international aid and reforms its agriculture due to the use of new technologies, seeds, and other innovations which North Korea can receive in terms of international aid.  As North Korea resolves its socioeconomic problems and keeps progressing, the country is likely to choose the way China has already chosen and North Korea will start reforms to integrate into the world community realizing its dependence on the world community and benefits of the support from the part of the world community. In fact, China has already chosen this way and the country integrates into the world community introducing new technologies. Many foreign companies operate in China, while the latter uses foreign technologies and inventions in abundance to boost its economy. In such a situation, North Korea dooms to the further degradation if it fails to integrate in the world community but the world community should help North Korea in this regard.

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