Еssay on Drug Dependency Services

The prevention of relapse is crucial for the effective recovery of an individual suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, depression or other complex psychological and physiological problems.  To prevent relapse, it is important to stop using drugs or alcohol to put an end to the addiction. Secondly, it is necessary to change the social environment and avoid undesirable relations with people who have similar problems at the moment. Furthermore, it is important to avoid taking alcohol or drugs. Also, it is necessary to keep alcohol and drugs out of the house; have a clear plan of recovery and avoidance of relapse; increase self-confidence with the help of relatives and close people; overcome relationships difficulties; attempt to integrate into a normal social life; get started to work; and find concrete life purposes, which would make the life of an individual purposeful and meaningful.

CSAP can contribute to the prevention of relapse since it contributes to the elimination of basic problems individuals have when they face a risk of developing relapse. The program helps people to return a normal social life and become a part of the community, instead of exclusion, which actually provokes relapse. The prevention program is very important because without the external assistance an individual cannot overcome his or her problems.

The NREPP can also prevent the development of negative habits and slipping individuals toward serious psychological problems, including the development of depression or alcoholism and drug addiction. At the same time, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that such programs can evaluate the development and current condition of an individual hat helps warn and prevent the development of psychological problems.

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