Essay on Effects of Exercise on ADHD

Effects of Exercise on ADHD

1. Research to Practice: Yoga as an Intervention for Children With Attention Problems.¬† Author: Heather L. Peck, Bethany Public Schools, Bethany ConnecticutĒ¶.Thomas J. Kehle and Melissa A. Bray, University of Connecticut Lea A. Theodore, Queens College School of Psychology Review 2005, volume 34, No. 3, pp.415-424.

H.L. Peck and other researchers (2005) explored the effect of yoga on children with ADHD. The target population involved in the study were children suffering from ADHD. The researchers attempted to test the effect of yoga on ADHD. They explored changes that occurred to children with ADHD in terms of their behavior under the impact of yoga. However, the study did not provide evidence of the direct correlation between yoga and positive changes, which the researchers have found in the behavior of children with ADHD. Nevertheless, the study gives positive implications to possible positive effect of yoga as a system of physical exercises on children with ADHD. The authors conclude that yoga helps children to keep their emotions under control and to develop positive models of behavior but yoga has not been compared to any other physical exercise children could have been involved in. Instead, the researchers focused on yoga effects on children with ADHD solely that raises the question whether yoga is really effective or probably there are other more effective systems of physical exercises that can help to treat children with ADHD successfully.

2. School-Based Interventions for Students With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:  Current Status and Future Directions Author:  George J. DuPaul, Lehigh University School Psychology Review, 2007, Volume 36, No. 2, pp.183-194

George J. DuPaul (2007) focuses his attention on the study of children with ADHD and possible interventions that can be applied in the school environment to help children with ADHD to cope with their problems. The study involved children with ADHD and the researcher analyzed different intervention techniques applicable in the school environment. DuPaul arrived to the conclusion that educators can improve the condition of children with ADHD and help them to accelerate their socialization through involvement in physical activities, especially if other children participate in those activities. The researcher argues that children with ADHD can improve their condition through interaction with other children and mutual activities. However, the author fails to compare the effectiveness of different methods of intervention. Instead, he just discusses a series of intervention and their basically positive effect on children with ADHD.

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